An Activists' Tool Kit

The information on this page is collected and presented in order to help you be a better grassroots leaders. It isn't an exhaustive collection, but a lot of them might have value to you and your group.

Signup Sheet

The Sign Up Sheet at meetings and events lets the public give you their contact information. A sign up sheet is a way to let the public know that you are interested in contacting them in the future. Use information that you gather, to create lists of people that will be potential participants.

Volunteer Questionnaire:

Having this form at your meetings will help you identify the talents and willingness of volunteers to share them.

Event Checklist and Timeline

Download this form to help you create a timeline and to-do list for every public event, or meeting you are responsible for organizing.


This chart can help explain and keep track of a method of communication for your group. Give the old fashioned, phone tree and try and reach out to your community in a personal way.

The Prisons Factsheet

The Prisons Factsheet clearly shows the public how drug laws have fueled historic and shameful rise in prisons. The situation in unabated, and this document is updated as new research on the war on drugs and mass imprisonment unfolds. Use this handout at all your meetings and public events. Include one in your correspondence, even any bill paying you send the old fashioned way. Print them and post them on community bulletin boards.

The Reentry Factsheet

A short primer on the problems people formerly incarcerated must deal with, helps convince people that we shouldn't be putting so many people in prison in the first place. Help your community make the connects.

The Petition for Relief

The Petition for Relief asks Federal leaders to return a system of earned, early release to federal prisoners. A campaign since 2001, petition totals are tallied at November's homepage. Petition for Relief updates are here. Local groups find most people do not know that there is no hope of early release, or parole provisions in the federal prison system. Most people believe that incentives for changed behavior works, and hopeless prisons counterproductive.

Working to end drug war injustice

Meet the People Behind The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

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