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Other Local Scenes

"Blame The Drug War"
City Aldermen Hearing
December 2009
New Haven, CT

Rally Against
the Drug War
June 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

Drug War
Propaganda Project
Spring 2009
Colville, WA

Drug Policy Conference
People Against Injustice
May 2, 2009
New Haven, CT

November Coalition
Spring Gathering
May 16, 2009
Colville, WA

UU Fellowship Honors
November Coalition
April 5, 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

75th Birthday Speech
January 14, 2009
Orlando, FL

Richard Paey:
1 Year of Freedom
September 20, 2008
Tampa, FL

Power To The
Peaceful Festival
September 2008
San Francisco, CA

"SnitchCraft" Required Reading At Yale U.
June 2008
New Haven, CT

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Summer 2008
Orange County, CA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Spring 2008
Orange County, CA

"Up The Ridge"
Film Screening
March 2008
Spokane, WA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Autumn 2007
Huntington Beach, CA

8th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Rally For Justice
May 2007
New Haven, CT

"No Justice"
February 2007
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SOA Watch Protest
Ft. Benning, GA
November 2006

Stop Snitchin' Movement
October 2006
Kansas City, MO

People Against Injustice
August, 2006
New Haven, CT

7th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Set Up To Fail
May 2006
Spokane, WA
Colville, WA

Cheney Protest
April 2006
Spokane, WA

Beyond Bars
December 2005
Bellingham, WA

WA Drug Policy Retreat & Workshop
October 2005
Colville, WA

Drug War Rally
October 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

Woman To Woman
October 2005
Savannah, GA

Isidro Aviles
Memorial Picnic
Summer 2005
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
May 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

May 2005
Spokane, WA

Letter to Churches
April, 2005

DPA Art Benefit
March 2005
New York City

Drug War Prisoners
January 2005

Drug War Xmas
December 2004
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
October 2004
Laguna Beach, CA

Anti-Jail March
August 2004
Colville, WA

Court Protest
March 2004
New Haven, CT

November Coalition's Local Activities
to End Drug War Injustice

Protesting Current Policies

The Vice-President arrived in Spokane for a local Republican fund-raiser - members of the November Coalition and Spokane Peace and Justice Action League, along with hundreds of others, were on hand to properly greet him

April 17, 2006 - Spokane, WA

Watch a Video Clip of the Protest, from ABC-KXLY News, Spokane!
Formats: Windows Media -- QuickTime -- RealPlayer

(Click to play, right-click & 'Save As' to download)

Nora Callahan (in Abu Ghraib prisoner outfit), Katana Christen & Chuck Armsbury of the November Coalition
perform "Our Own Kind" as the crowd forms (
You can download "Our Own Kind" in mP3 format here)

Another rendition of "Our Own Kind", this time for Spokane News Media

November Coalition Home Office Staff:
Above: Katana Christen, Nora Callahan & Chuck Armsbury;
Right: Tom Murlowski

Members of Colville Veterans For Peace
Left: Jay Sullivan; Above: Milt Spidell

Greg Youmans & The PJammers, of Loon Lake, WA, played the
"Darth Vader Theme" from Star Wars among other lively protest tunes

In what turned out to be a complete ruse, local police set up crowd barriers along the (supposed) path of Cheney's motorcade.
At the last minute (below) the motorcade took an abrupt U-turn and avoided the large crowd of protesters altogether

Photos courtesy November Coalition & Spokane Peace and Justice Action League

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