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Other Local Scenes

"Blame The Drug War"
City Aldermen Hearing
December 2009
New Haven, CT

Rally Against
the Drug War
June 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

Drug War
Propaganda Project
Spring 2009
Colville, WA

Drug Policy Conference
People Against Injustice
May 2, 2009
New Haven, CT

November Coalition
Spring Gathering
May 16, 2009
Colville, WA

UU Fellowship Honors
November Coalition
April 5, 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

75th Birthday Speech
January 14, 2009
Orlando, FL

Richard Paey:
1 Year of Freedom
September 20, 2008
Tampa, FL

Power To The
Peaceful Festival
September 2008
San Francisco, CA

"SnitchCraft" Required Reading At Yale U.
June 2008
New Haven, CT

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Summer 2008
Orange County, CA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Spring 2008
Orange County, CA

"Up The Ridge"
Film Screening
March 2008
Spokane, WA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Autumn 2007
Huntington Beach, CA

8th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Rally For Justice
May 2007
New Haven, CT

"No Justice"
February 2007
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SOA Watch Protest
Ft. Benning, GA
November 2006

Stop Snitchin' Movement
October 2006
Kansas City, MO

People Against Injustice
August, 2006
New Haven, CT

7th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Set Up To Fail
May 2006
Spokane, WA
Colville, WA

Cheney Protest
April 2006
Spokane, WA

Beyond Bars
December 2005
Bellingham, WA

WA Drug Policy Retreat & Workshop
October 2005
Colville, WA

Drug War Rally
October 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

Woman To Woman
October 2005
Savannah, GA

Isidro Aviles
Memorial Picnic
Summer 2005
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
May 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

May 2005
Spokane, WA

Letter to Churches
April, 2005

DPA Art Benefit
March 2005
New York City

Drug War Prisoners
January 2005

Drug War Xmas
December 2004
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
October 2004
Laguna Beach, CA

Anti-Jail March
August 2004
Colville, WA

Court Protest
March 2004
New Haven, CT

Drug War Protest & Rally
Laguna Beach, CA
October 16, 2004

From Rachel Morton, November Coalition Volunteer (E-mail Rachel)

I gave 2 cable TV interviews and a local newspaper interview because of the prisoner stories that were displayed, and I spoke about Rudy Howell's case to demonstrate the corruption, lunacy and brutal sentencing laws and policies. It was good to have Rudy's poster right there showing a real person with his mother, and emphasizing his humanity and the injustice of the drug laws.

Rachel Morton of the November Coalition
interviews with local media

I handed out a one page with drug war facts and November's website ... LOTS of people showed up for the protest ... OC NORML had contacted a band named 'MARIJUANA' and apparently they ran an ad in a local newspaper or magazine promising free herb at the protest ... so in addition to the 50 - 60 people who showed up, there were 5 police cars with 10 officers surrounding us for the first hour and a police helicopter flew overhead.

We had lots of signs, handouts, a drum circle and great passion and enthusiasm .... there were at least a thousand people walking by during the 3 hours of the protest, many stopped to talk to the medical marijuana advocates and also to talk to me and others about the drug war ... we were on a major street, Pacific Coast Highway, so many cars saw us and waved and responded very favorably to us and the need to end the war on drugs ....

I was told that I'd be notified when the shows with my interviews go on the air ... that's about it .. oh, we have photos .... it was a very good day!

P.S. - I need to add that it was GREAT to have Judge [James] Gray at the protest - he openly opposes the drug war and he is running for US Senate against Barbara Boxer. Judge Gray has a book out: "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do About It -- A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs", published by Temple University Press.

If you are in California, please consider Judge Gray for US Senate.

From Mark (

Greetings OCNORML supporters,

We had a fantastic event in Laguna Beach last Saturday. Day long attendance approached 100 people, while over a thousand pedestrians saw our signs and hundreds intermingled with sign holders (many wanted souvenir pictures). Multiple traffic signals slow vehicles at our Main Beach location (slower/stopped cars have time to read our signs) The traffic count estimates were over 10,000 vehicles during the four-hour event (we ran an hour over schedule). Thousands honked in support/gave "thumbs up" gestures and were very supportive.

Our rallies are joint efforts with The November Coalition. They are working to end drug war injustice and to warn the public about the increase of incarceration rates due to the war on drugs. Their wall of shame presents photos of drug war victims often with their families, their offence, and length of incarceration.

The Press attended. We gave interviews for two cable TV shows and The Daily Pilot Newspaper.

The Police attended. They were very friendly but serious in their warnings to refrain from pot smoking. (Then they left)

Marijuana the Band attended. They arrived with many of their supporters and added to our popularity.

Drum circle people attended. They created a festive atmosphere for the rally and encouraged pedestrians to intermingle.

Judge Jim Gray attended. As Libertarian candidate for US Senate, he supports a staunch anti drug war platform.

The Donation Jar attended. We got a small infusion of much needed $$$

Our photographer attended. Many thanks to her. More photos may be viewed at &

For everyone who attended. A heart felt thanks. For those whose schedules conflicted with the event, we thank you for your support.

Orange County Norml
PO Box 11016
Costa Mesa CA 92627
E-Mail: or

Click Here for more on Rachel Morton's activism.

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