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Other Local Scenes

"Blame The Drug War"
City Aldermen Hearing
December 2009
New Haven, CT

Rally Against
the Drug War
June 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

Drug War
Propaganda Project
Spring 2009
Colville, WA

Drug Policy Conference
People Against Injustice
May 2, 2009
New Haven, CT

November Coalition
Spring Gathering
May 16, 2009
Colville, WA

UU Fellowship Honors
November Coalition
April 5, 2009
Laguna Beach, CA

75th Birthday Speech
January 14, 2009
Orlando, FL

Richard Paey:
1 Year of Freedom
September 20, 2008
Tampa, FL

Power To The
Peaceful Festival
September 2008
San Francisco, CA

"SnitchCraft" Required Reading At Yale U.
June 2008
New Haven, CT

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Summer 2008
Orange County, CA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Spring 2008
Orange County, CA

"Up The Ridge"
Film Screening
March 2008
Spokane, WA

Rallies Against
the Drug War
Autumn 2007
Huntington Beach, CA

8th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Rally For Justice
May 2007
New Haven, CT

"No Justice"
February 2007
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SOA Watch Protest
Ft. Benning, GA
November 2006

Stop Snitchin' Movement
October 2006
Kansas City, MO

People Against Injustice
August, 2006
New Haven, CT

7th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic
Summer 2006
Yorktown Hts, NY

Set Up To Fail
May 2006
Spokane, WA
Colville, WA

Cheney Protest
April 2006
Spokane, WA

Beyond Bars
December 2005
Bellingham, WA

WA Drug Policy Retreat & Workshop
October 2005
Colville, WA

Drug War Rally
October 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

Woman To Woman
October 2005
Savannah, GA

Isidro Aviles
Memorial Picnic
Summer 2005
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
May 2005
Laguna Beach, CA

May 2005
Spokane, WA

Letter to Churches
April, 2005

DPA Art Benefit
March 2005
New York City

Drug War Prisoners
January 2005

Drug War Xmas
December 2004
Bronx, NY

Drug War Rally
October 2004
Laguna Beach, CA

Anti-Jail March
August 2004
Colville, WA

Court Protest
March 2004
New Haven, CT

November Coalition
Attends 1st Annual
SpoCannabis Rally

May 7, 2005, at The Big Easy Concert House, Spokane, WA

Song Lyrics

Katana Christen (left) & Nora Callahan perform

Ode to Len Bias: a Ballad of the Drug War

Lyrics by Nora Callahan

In a time now nearly two decades ago
Len Bias, a ball star did a line of some coke
He didn't huff on a crack pipe, but he died on the court
Now we're the world's mightiest jailer -
Jailer on earth

In Congress our leaders made quite a guffaw
And Tip O'Neil shouted, we need new laws
You'd think life in prison, a last resort
But not in our country, where we love,
We love our sports!

So they sent in police, devised sentencing schemes
Imprisoning millions on drug conspiracies
It matters not to the cops, if the wife didn't know
Haul her butt off to prison, send a message -
Send a message ya know

Though rich and poor, brown and white equally use
In prisons and jails it seems there's more room
For those who are broke, and the darker the skin
The longer in prison, the judge -
The judge has you serve

Today anti drug parents watch the evening news
Pharmaceutical companies begging them to choose
Between Prosac and Paxil to alter their thoughts
Next the Drug Czar is shouting -
Keep your kids off that pot

We've got cocaine in powder and cocaine in rocks
Hug drugs, hallucinogens, downers and pot
A drug free America is what we're not
We're world's leading jailer -
We're first in that slot


Lyrics by Nora Callahan

Is it time for justice now?
There's a prison near every town
A mother wails, and a wife falls to her knees
When the judge gives 30 years.

Is it time for freedom now?
Give schools these prison towns
Open up the gates, and renovate this land

Or is this some grander plan?
It's time to end this war
Stand up and tell 'em "No more!"
We've problems that are bigger than a bag of weed
Now the stuff's worth more than gold

Prohibition cannot work
When wages pay like dirt
We can't find jobs or build new schools
But we can pay a guard
More than the average slob

And nobody's kidding me
This war ain't about no weed
Or LSD, heroin, smack, crack or a little speed

And that leaves you and me
It's a war on everyone
A snitch's word can take your son
A mother wails, and a wife falls to her knees
When the judge give 30 years . . .


Lyrics by Nora Callahan

Across this land of America, prisons abound
Over 2 million citizens, in the bowels of hell
They're our own kind, been down a long time

Then went guards from US prisons, headed to Iraq
Unleashed on an unsuspecting people? No, they've expected us
A long time, a long time ago

Not in Bush's America, he didn't like it one bit
Nor did Haider al-Abbadi, to have his manhood
In his own kind, what was on his friend's mind?

Not in his America, his soldiers stripped them down.
Hoods on heads and limbs were bound, by our own kind
Our own kind. Our own kind

Just a few bad apples, fallen off the bush?
I wanna know how high is up, and that it's understood
It's his kind, and they're out of their minds

Guards and dogs and prisons; rape, torture, death
Happens every day in America, the leading jailer on Earth
It's our own kind, our own kind of design
Have we lost our minds? It's our own kind.

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