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For Immediate Release March 20, 2006

Soap and Sentencing

Drug War Prisoners Advocacy Group Launches Line of Pure Natural Soap

Colville, WA - There's a new and unique natural soap on the market, produced by the team at November's Natural Soap, promising customers a satisfying bathing experience.

The November Coalition has launched an online storefront at to offer a superior product that everyone needs. The group urges friends and supporters across the country to use November's Natural Soap because, "clean and pure cleans best," and a purchase supports important work.

Supporting prisoners and their loved ones' mission to educate the public and urge sentencing reform, is work accomplished under the burden of devastating, long-term incarceration. Sales of November's Natural Soap supplement the tireless support of single-parent households, elderly retired couples, and those who are in prison.

"As we explored business prospects, we weren't looking for a hobby, but a profitable, local business that would grow a significant grassroots foundation," says Nora Callahan, a co-founder and executive director of the group, founded and based out of rural Stevens County Washington. "As a hobby I made soap when I was young, and last holiday season I made soap for friends and family. By New Years we'd stumbled upon a local market."

Opening the bars of prison -- one bar of great, natural soap at a time -- is how Chuck Armsbury, editor of the group's newspaper, The Razor Wire, explains the notion of soap and sentencing. "Prisoners are in a vacuum, isolated, and the families suffer terrible effects, but are some of the best people to advocate for reform. It's urgent we find ways to support eager public speakers and organizers, building the circulation of our newspaper, and awareness about our group. Do you buy soap? Buy November's Natural Soap."

November Coalition's website audience grows each day. Online members retrieve information to share with others, create public information displays with online suggestions and artwork. People are meeting and organizing where they live, and now encouraged to buy November's Natural Soap, too. Profit from every bar of soap is dedicated to the group's mission to end drug war injustice and the senseless, long-term incarceration of nonviolent people.

November's Natural Soap blends fine, plant-based oils for a hard, long-lasting bar of soap made with pure, botanical essential oils, natural herbs and flowers. For gift-giving, the company offers affordable gift baskets that includes a line of basic, bathing accessories.

"Everyone buys soap, but not great soap," says the Coalition's Tom Murlowski, who acts as the soap company's production manager. "We produce a great, natural soap, so we can do the work of social justice."

Most people wash their body with products that aren't soap at all, but chemical detergents made with petroleum products, chemical dyes and fragrances.

The skin is your body's largest organ; use November's pure, natural soap on it, Remember, clean and pure, cleans best."

For more information about November's Natural Soap, visit, or contact us at:
November's Natural Soap, West Astor, Colville, WA, 99114, Ph: (509) 684-1550, Email:

The November Coalition Foundation
282 West Astor
Colville, WA 99114

Working to end drug war injustice, visit us on the web at

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