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"When November Coalition members viewed the photos of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, many of us knew that they would become 'iconic' and perhaps, as with other iconic photos, move a nation to action." -- Nora Callahan, Executive Director, The November Coalition

""Lynch mobs often posed for the camera. They showed no fear of being identified because they knew no white jury would convict them." -- from Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James W. Loewen

"The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the corrections officer in me says, 'I love to make a grown man piss himself'." Spc. Charles Graner (pictured above) as reported on BBC News, UK.

(Left: photo by William Pepper) The napalm burning of innocent civilians in Vietnam moved Dr. Martin Luther King to become unconditionally opposed to the war. (Above: photo by Ben Fernandez) Dr. King with William F. Pepper, author of Orders to Kill:The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King

Nguyen Ngoc Loan's execution of a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon became one of the most chilling images of the Vietnam War. 1963 AP photo.

Nine year old Kim Phuc runs naked down the road, screaming from the napalm coating her body. Her village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam was attacked that day in 1972, and the little girl took a direct hit. AP photo by Nick Ut.

Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc calmly and quietly set himself on fire on a busy Saigon street in protest of the Vietnam War 1963 AP photo.

These stark images from the Vietnam War turned the tide of public opinion in the US.

March 16, 1968. The angry and frustrated men of Charlie Company, 11th Brigade, American Division entered the village of My Lai. "This is what you've been waiting for -- search and destroy -- and you've got it," said their superior officers. A short time later the killing began.

May 4, 1970. Kent State University, Ohio. Mary Vecchio kneels over Jeffrey Miller's body. Miller was killed by National Guard troops during anti-war protests.

[Graner's] mother, Irma, said her son took the rap for high-ranking officers, whom she said were "all guilty." She criticized them for failing to testify on his behalf.

"He got 10 years in prison for something he was told to do," she said. "He committed a crime for obeying orders, and he would have committed a crime if he didn't obey orders."

Charles Graner was sentenced January 14, 2005 for his role in the now-infamous Abu Ghraib Iraqi prison atrocities.

Prisoner Abuse:
Iconic Pictures - Photos Change History

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