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Prisoner Abuse: References and Resources for Media

Prisons Scrapping Ion Detection Machines - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, May 7, 2008

Video: Family turned away from federal prison after death of prisoner's mother - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, November 3, 2007

Video: Nora's mom, 85-year old Bea Callahan, denied prison visit with her son after "positive drug test" - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, May 3, 2007

Media: Contact us at (509) 684-1550 or for interviews or additional resources.

FBI Still Investigating Prison Death In Pekin; from Pekin Daily Times (IL), 3/4/10

Charges Dropped In 185 Drug Cases In Camden; from Courier-Post (NJ), 3/20/10

Idaho: Inmate Abuse Lawsuit Prompts Prison Warden Switch; from Associated Press (US), 3/17/10

Maryland: 4.5 SWAT Raids Per Day; from Reason Magazine (US), 3/1/10

Angola Prison: Visiting a Modern-Day Slave Plantation; from TruthOut (US), 2/22/10

NYPD Stop and Frisks Jump in 2009, 87 Percent of People Stopped Were Black and Hispanic; from DNAinfo (NY), 2/16/10

That Other War; from Reason Magazine (US), 1/10/10

U.S. Officials Hid Truth of Immigrant Deaths in Jail; from New York Times (NY), 1/10/10

U.S. Report: Rape, Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Corrections Facilities; from Just Detention International (US), 1/7/10

Federal Court Restricts Taser Use By Police; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 12/30/09

Strange New Twist in Scandal Involving Rogue Philadelphia PD Narcotics Unit; from Reason (US), 12/17/09

CA: Excess, Deprivation Mark State Prisons; from Orange County Register (CA), 12/11/09

The Thin Blue Whine: Petulant Police Demand Impunity; from Pro Libertate Blog (OR), 12/8/09

Federal Judge Says NYPD Plagued by "Widespread Falsification by Arresting Officers"; from The Agitator, 12/1/09

Taser Manufacturer Recommends Use On Genitals; from (US), 11/21/09

Jailhouse Blues: Inmates Stacked To The Walls; from Arkansas Times (AR), 11/5/09

LAPD Officers Charged With Lying Under Oath; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 10/7/09

[Gitmo] Detainees Face Severe Conditions if Moved to U.S.; from Washington Post (US), 10/4/09

Details Emerge In Goodyear Inmate's Heat-Related Death; from Arizona Republic (AZ), 9/24/09

[Prisoners] The Forgotten US Patients; from Common Dreams (US), 9/18/09

A Recipe for Disaster: School Cops Are Being Armed with 50,000-Volt Tasers; from Alternet (US), 9/16/09

The Day the SWAT Team Came Crashing Through My Door; from Washington Post (DC), 9/20/09

Chilling Findings in Report on Prison Sex Abuse; from Washington Post (DC), 9/16/09

Police Say Syringes Will Help Stop Drunk Driving; from (NJ), 9/13/09

Pastor Shot And Killed In Toccoa; from Hartwell Sun (GA), 9/3/09

Criminal Cops of the Week Time! from Injustice Everywhere (US), 8/28/09

Thousands Languish In Crowded Jail; from Houston Chronicle (TX), 8/20/09

Let's Talk About Tasers; from Blogs (US), 8/10/09

Tensions Boils Over at Crowded California Prison; from (US), 8/10/09

Immigrant Detainees Staging Hunger Strikes to Protest Deplorable Confinement; from AlterNet (US), 8/7/09

Mexico Accused of Torture in Drug War; from Washington Post (DC), 7/9/09

At Least Four Killed by Police Doing Drug Enforcement Actions So Far This Month; from Drug War Chronicle (WA), 7/17/09

Blinded Inmate Lost In Shadows Of Bureaucracy; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 6/28/09

Houston Police Mum On Marijuana Prisoner's Death; from Raw Story (US)

Panel Sets Guidelines For Fighting Prison Rape; from Washington Post (DC), 6/23/09

Feds Indict Zehm Officer; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 6/23/09

Again A Woman Alleges Indecent Assault By Same Cop During A Narcotics Raid; from Philadelphia Daily News (PA), 6/17/09

Prison Blues: States Slimming Down Inmate Meals; from Truthout (US), 6/5/09

Arizona Discontinues Use Of Outdoor Cells After Inmate's Death; from ABC15 (AZ), 6/2/09

Police Tasers: Excessive Force Or Necessary Tool? from Christian Science Monitor (US), 5/28/09

'No Excuse' For Teen's Taser Death, Mother Says; from CNN (US), 5/28/09

Homeland Guantanamos: The Untold Story Of Immigrant Detention In The United States - An interactive multimedia experience

AZ DOC: The Death of Marcia Powell, Arpaio Zip-Ties a 12-Year-Old, and the Jail Lockdowns Are Over; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 5/28/09

77-Year-Old Man Killed in Marijuana Raid After Firing on Officers; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 5/15/09

Americans For SWAT Reform, a project of DRCNet. Sign the Petition for Responsible Use of SWAT -- Watch the Video: SWAT Raids: No One Is Safe. May 2009

On Sheriff's Watch, Rural North Texas Jail Became Den Of Drugs And Debauchery; from Star-Telegram (TX), 5/10/09

Texas Justice On Trial; from Reason Magazine (US), 5/8/09

Escape From Guantanamo; from Slate (US), 5/8/09

Women Migrants Describe Abuse in Maricopa County Jails; from Truthout (US), 5/8/09

Pregnant British Woman Faces Firing Squad Over Drug Charges; from The Independent (UK), 5/2/09

National Police Misconduct News Feed; from Injustice In Seattle (WA), May 2009

Blowing The Whistle On The House Of Death; from Reason Magazine (US), May 2009

Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners; from Truthout (US), 4/27/09

Secretive "CMU" Prisons Designed to Restrict Communication of Jailed Muslims and Activists with Outside World; from Democracy Now! (US), 4/17/09

ACLU: Mentally Ill Suffer Abuse in Los Angeles County Jails; from Los Angeles Times (US), 4/14/09

Hellhole: Life in Solitary Confinement; from New Yorker Magazine (NY), 3/30/09

Three Separate Student Protests Planned For College Campuses Friday After GVSU Student Derek Copp Was Shot By Police; from Grand Rapids Press (MI), 3/20/09

Drug Raids Gone Bad; from Philadelphia Daily News (PA), 3/20/09

MI Cop Shot Unarmed, 20-Year-Old Marijuana Activist; from Raw Story (US), 3/16/09

Analysis: Judge Finds Some Strips Searches At Cook County Jail Unconstitutional; from Chicago Progressive Examiner (IL), 2/24/09

Cop Added Insult To Injury, She Says; from Philadelphia Daily News (PA), 2/23/09

Finally, the Law Goes After Joe Arpaio -- the Most Abusive Sheriff In America; from AlterNet (US), 2/14/09

Guilty Of Manslaughter, Ryan Frederick Faces 10 Years; from Virginian-Pilot (VA), 2/5/09

Torture At A Louisiana Prison; from CounterPunch (US), 1/27/09

Toward a Police Reform Movement; from Libertarian Enterprise (US), 1/11/09

Sexual Assaults On Female Inmates Went Unheeded; (5 Part Series) from Detroit Free Press (MI), 1/4/09

Abu Ghraib: 'What Happens In War Happens'; from The Guardian (UK), 1/3/09

US Police Could Get 'Pain Beam' Weapons; from New Scientist (US), 12/24/08

Police Get The Wrong House In Galveston, Allegedly Assault 12-Year-Old Girl; from Houston Press (TX), 12/17/08

The Radicalization Of An American Prisoner; from Information Clearing House (US), 12/5/08

In Iraq, 'a Prison Full of Innocent Men'; from Washington Post (DC), 12/6/08

Gotcha! -- KopBusters; from Reason Magazine (US), 12/6/08

D.C. Settles In Death Of Paralyzed Jail Inmate; from Washington Post (DC), 11/3/08

Texas DA Reveals Evidence Against Cheney; from Raw Story (US), 11/27/08

Surprise: Cops Who Get Tasered Really Don't Like It; from AlterNet (US), 11/24/08

Beaten, Tortured and Sentenced 25-to-Life for Minor Drug Offense; from AlterNet (US), 11/20/08

VP Cheney Indicted For Prison Profiteering, Abuse; from Censored News Blog (US), 11/18/08

Pain Compliance 101: The Taser; from Populist America (US), 11/11/08

Arpaio's Jail Staff Cost Ambrett Spencer Her Baby, and She's Not the Only One; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 10/30/08

Horror 'Abuse' By Cops; from New York Post (NY), 10/24/08

DEA Mass Body Search of Plane Passengers Spurs Angry Reaction in Marianas; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 10/24/08

Federal Judge Rules Against Joe Arpaio in Landmark Class-Action Jail Lawsuit; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 10/22/08

[Joe Arpaio] Judge To Rule On Lawsuit Against County Jails; from East Valley Tribune (AZ), 9/14/08

OpEd: None Of Us Is Safe From Police Raids; from Baltimore Sun (MD), 9/2/08

Witnesses Dispute Police Account Of Fatal Prince George's Shooting; from Washington Post (DC), 8/19/08

Buffalo Police Batter Their Way Into Wrong House; from Buffalo News (NY), 8/18/08

Former La. Police Officer Indicted In Taser Death; from Associated Press (US), 8/13/08

Jackson: Lima Trial 'An Injustice'; from The Blade (OH), 8/8/08

Prince George's Raid Prompts Call For Probe; from Baltimore Sun (MD), 8/8/08 -- More Abuse News

Ohio Officer Acquitted Of Killing Mom Holding Baby; from Associated Press (US), 8/5/08

Death, The Drug War, And Cory Maye; from (US), 8/4/08

Prosecutor Questions Justification For Lima Shooting; from The Blade (OH), 7/30/08

Two Dogs Dead, a Family Traumatized, Another Day in the Drug War; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 8/1/08

Federal Report Finds Poor Conditions At Cook County Jail; from New York Times (NY), 7/18/08

Man Dies After Cop Hits Him With Taser 9 Times; from (US), 7/26/08

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has Cost Taxpayers $41 Million; from Hispanic News (US), 12/17/08

Abetting Police Aggression: The "COPS Effect"; from Pro Libertate Blog (US), 7/25/08

How Scores of Black Men Were Tortured Into Giving False Confessions by Chicago Police; from AlterNet (US), 7/23/08

Dallas VA Hospital Closes Psych Unit After 4th Suicide; from Associated Press (US), 4/17/08

Special Report: Taser Death Ignites Racial Tensions; from Chicago Tribune (IL), 7/19/08

Videos of Violent Police Training Appear as Mexico Awaits U.S. Aid; from Washington Post (DC), 7/2/08

Government Study Confirms Sexual Abuse Epidemic in County Jail; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 6/26/08

Immigration Agency to Reveal Some Death Data; from Washington Post (DC), 6/5/08

US Accused Of Holding Terror Suspects On Prison Ships; from Guardian (UK), 6/2/08

Alabama Sheriffs Feed Inmates On $1.75 A Day; from Associated Press (US), 5/16/08

There's Nothing Funny About Prison Rape; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 3/30/08

Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage; from Reason Magazine (US), 5/7/08
(Those wishing to contribute to Tracy Ingle's legal battles can do so at: )

Torture As Therapy And Therapy As Punishment; from Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (MA), April 2008

A Painful Choice For Moms In Prison; from San Jose Mercury News (CA), 4/18/08

Police: Okla. Sheriff Ran Sex-Slave Operation From Jail; from KOCO-TV News (OK), 4/16/08

FCC Coleman Prison Officer Charged In Inmate's Fatal Beating; from Orlando Sentinel (FL), 3/29/08

Gang Fights In [Fed] Prison Injure 22 And Kill One; from New York Times (NY), 3/29/08

Torture In Our Own Backyards: The Fight Against Supermax Prisons; from Alternet (US), 3/24/08

US Department of Justice Public Hearings On Prison Rape; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 3/10/08

13,000 Abuse Claims In Juvie Centers; from Associated Press (US), 3/2/08

SPLC Campaign Closes Notorious Mississippi Girls' Prison; from Southern Poverty Law Center (AL), 2/14/08

Woman Calls Police for Help, Gets Violently Strip Searched; from Alternet Blogs (US), 2/11/08

Deputies Suspended For Wheelchair Dump; from Seattle Times (WA), 2/13/08

U.S. Among Harshest For Sentencing Children; from San Francisco Chronicle (CA), 1/20/08

First-Ever National Survey of Prisoners Shows Widespread Sexual Abuse in Detention; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 12/16/07

The UN Deems Use of Taser X-26 Is "a Form of Torture"; from Le Monde (France), 11/23/07

Gassed Behind Closed Doors; from CBS 4 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (FL), 11/20/07

GAO Study Reveals Abuse Allegations, Deaths at Residential Treatment Programs; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 10/12/07

Parents Tell Of Horrors At Youth Boot Camps; from Arizona Republic (AZ), 10/11/07

San Bernardino County Settles Strip Search Lawsuit; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 9/25/07

Judge Finds Inmate Rights Violated; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 9/24/07

Salt Lake Attorney Wins Point In [Abuse] Cover-Up Case; from Deseret Morning News (UT), 9/8/07

Group Protests Firm's CIA/Torture Ties; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 8/24/07

Government Study Confirms Systemic Sexual Violence in Detention; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 8/16/07

Romney, Torture, And Teens: The Former Governor's Connections To Abusive "Tough Love" Camps; from Reason Magazine (US), 6/27/07

County Prison Inmate Gives Birth In Her Cell; from Times-Tribune (PA), 7/14/07

Female Inmates: Jammed Behind Bars? from Sacramento Bee (CA), 7/9/07

Stop Prisoner Rape Welcomes Passage of Texas Prisoner Rape Legislation; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 5/22/07

A Devastating Link: Prisoner Rape, The War On Drugs In The U.S.; from Clarion-Ledger (MS), 5/16/07

8 Ex-Prison Employees Charged In Fla.; from Associated Press (US), 5/9/07

Subjects or Objects? Prisoners and Human Experimentation; from New England Journal of Medicine (MA), 5/3/07

Stories From Inside: Prisoner Rape and the War on Drugs; from Stop Prisoner Rape, 3/22/07

Report: Prison Rape and the War on Drugs; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/23/07

Family To Get $5 Million In Boot Camp Death; from (US), 3/15/07

Abuse Reports Shake System; from Associated Press (US), 3/7/07

The Death Of Timothy Souders; from CBS TV: 60 Minutes (US), 2/11/07

Experts Dispute Risks Of Using Stun Guns On Pregnant Women; from Associated Press (US), 1/31/07

Are Prisons Driving Prisoners Mad? from Time-CNN (US), 1/26/07

Human Errors Added To Inmate Death At Florence Prison; from Arizona Republic (AZ), 1/24/07

Op-Ed: The Mentally Ill, Behind Bars; from New York Times (NY), 1/15/07

Inmate Suicides Linked To Solitary; from USA Today (US), 1/11/07

OpEd: Prison Detrimental To Nonviolent Offenders - And Taxpayers; from Amarillo Globe-News (TX), 12/22/06

Prison Slaying Raises Questions; from East Valley/Scottsdale Tribune (AZ), 12/7/06 $450 Million Class Action Lawsuit concerning overcrowding and abuse at the federal prison at Seagoville, TX. Read More.

Family Sues Over Teen's Prison Death; from Sacramento Bee (CA), 11/29/06

Day 1 For Deputies: Go To Jail; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 11/26/06

Prisoner Abuse Lawsuit, Hobby Unit, Texas; from Texoma Coalition (OK), 11/26/06

US: Supermax Lockdown; from Le Monde Diplomatique (France), 11/20/06

Stunning Revelations: The Untold Story Of Taser-Related Deaths; from In These Times (US), 11/13/06

Judge Forces LA County to End Jail Overcrowding; from The NewStandard (US), 10/31/06

Prison Restraints Likened To Torture; from Grand Rapids Press (MI), 10/14/06

Al Qaeda Suspect: U.S. Government Gave Me LSD; from New York Sun (NY), 10/11/06

Prisons Sic Attack Dogs on Inmates, Report Finds; from The NewStandard (US), 10/16/06

Behind Bars, Sex Charges The Air; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 9/24/06

Jailing Pregnant Women Raises Health Risks; from Women's E-News (US Web), 9/20/06

35 Years After Attica, Prisons Are Still A Crime; from Hartford Courant (CT), 9/13/06

Inmate: Testifying Cost Me A Beating; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 9/13/06

Inmate 'Suicide' Doubted By His Family; from Columbia Daily Tribune (MO), 9/10/06

Mentally Ill Inmate Dies In Isolation; from Detroit Free Press (MI), 8/20/06

Campaigners Fight to Keep Mentally Ill out of Solitary Confinement; from NewStandard News (US), 8/18/06

Panel Suggests Using Inmates In Drug Trials; from New York Times (NY), 8/13/06

Activists Call for Real Remedies to Prisoner Rape; from NewStandard News (US), 8/3/06

Release: Government Prisoner Rape Study Shows Increase in Sexual Violence Reports, Raises Concerns About Correctional Authorities' Follow Up; from Stop Prison Rape: SPR (US), 7/06

Truth Has Value, Even Without Justice; from Chicago Tribune (IL), 7/23/06

Inmate Shackled 5 Days; from Rocky Mountain News (CO), 7/25/06

Grieving Family Awaits Inquiry Into Its 2nd Jailhouse Death; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 7/19/06

Declassified Gitmo Notes Tell of Widespread Abuse; from NewStandard News (US), 7/11/06

Torture In Maine's Prison; from Portland Phoenix (ME), Nov 05

Prison Sexual Abuse Called Out Of Control; from Associated Press (US), 6/23/06

Confronting Confinement: A Report Of The Commission On Safety And Abuse In America's Prisons, 6/8/06

Justice Dept. Looks Into Deaths Of People Subdued By Stun Guns; from USA Today (US), 6/14/06

Eight Indicted In Shelter Death Of Boy; from Miami Herald (FL), 5/23/06

Chicago's Abu Ghraib: UN Committee Against Torture Hears Report on How Police Tortured Over 135 African-American Men Inside Chicago Jails; from Democracy Now! (US), 5/9/06

Column: Americans Using Boot Camps, Prisons To Control Black Kids; from Chicago Tribune (IL), 5/17/06

Taking The Cuffs Off At Carswell; from Fort Worth Weekly (TX), 5/3/06

The US Gulag Prison System; from ZNet Magazine (US Web), 4/21/06

A Story of Torture: Pass It Along; from Nora's Blog, Apr 06

Jackson, Sharpton Lead March To Protest Boot Camp Death; from Bradenton Herald (FL), 4/21/06

Deaths Raise Taser Questions; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 4/17/06

Column: Glossing Over Mistreatment In The Magbie Case; from Washington Post (DC), 4/8/06

Kansas Students Speak Out Against Tasers in Schools; from NewStandard (US), 4/6/06

County To Pay In Strip-Search Lawsuit; from Tallahassee Democrat (FL), 3/31/06

Death Raises Concern At Police Tactics; from BBC News (UK), 3/21/06

Abu Ghraib, Symbol of America's Shame, to Close Within Three Months; from The Guardian (UK), 3/10/06

Report Finds Few Protections For Pregnant Prisoners; from NewStandard (US) , 3/6/06

Column: Boot Camps For Kids Should Be Given The Boot; from Miami Herald (FL), 2/16/06

Abu Ghraib Leaked Report Reveals Full Extent of Abuse; from The Guardian (UK), 2/17/06

"How Can You Justify Using A Taser 12 Times?" from Globe and Mail (Canada), 2/14/06

Guards Seen Beating Teen In Video; from Miami Herald (FL), 2/9/06

Human Rights Watch World Report 2006: U.S. Policy of Abuse Undermines Rights Worldwide; from Human Rights Watch (Worldwide)

Study Claiming Rape Rare In Prisons Disputed By Experts; from Associated Press (US), 1/31/06

New Details, New Questions In Jail Death; from San Jose Mercury News (CA), 1/22/06

Special Report: Sexual Abuse Behind Bars; from The Detroit News (MI)

Prison Sex Lawsuits Costing State; from Associated Press (US), 1/18/06

Red Tape Lets Guards Rape Women Prisoners, Suit Argues; from The NewStandard (US), 1/6/06

Official Report: Recent CYA Death Was Preventable; from Stockton Record (CA), 12/30/05

Rotting Away: Thousands Of New York Inmates Have Hepatitis C. Only A Few Hundred Get Treatment; from Village Voice (NY), 12/7/05

Investigation Details Abuse, Endangerment of Prisoners After Katrina; from The New Standard (US), 11/18/05

Woman Claiming Illegal Strip Search Sues Sheriff's Office; from Eureka Reporter (CA), 11/16/05

The Sickening Details Of Why And How The Prisoners Are Dying; from American Chronicle (US), 11/16/05

Some Kind of Manly, by Molly Ivins; from Working For Change (US), 11/10/25

Commentary: When Prison Rape Begins; from New America Media (US), 11/4/05

Truth About Torture; from Newsweek Magazine (US), 11/3/05

Hospital of Horrors [FMC Carswell]; from Fort Worth Weekly (TX), 10/19/05

The Prison Industry In The United States: Big Business Or A New Form Of Slavery? from Granma International (Cuba),10/13/05

Abuse, Forced Labor Rampant in New Orleans Justice System; from The NewStandard (US), 10/12/05

New Orleans Officers Charged In Taped Beating; from Associated Press (US), 10/10/05

Who Isn't Against Torture? from The New York Times, 10/10/05

Judge Orders Release Of Abuse Photos In ACLU/FOIA Lawsuit; from Punch and Jurists, 9/12/05

Release: Men Tell Court They Were Left to Drown in New Orleans Prison; from ACLU National Prison Project, 10/6/05

Senate Sets Standards On Detainees; from The Los Angeles Times (CA), 10/6/05

Release: ACLU Seeks Information on the Fate of 6,500 New Orleans Prisoners; from American Civil Liberties Union (US), 9/28/05

Report: New Orleans - Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters; from Human Rights Watch (US), 9/22/05

Perspective: Torturous Silence on Torture; from (US Web), 9/27/05

Protest Decries Death After Taser Hits; from The Tennessean (TN), 9/27/05

Justice For A 'Death Of Neglect'; from Washington Post (DC), 9/17/05

Prisoners Left to Drown in New Orleans; from Democracy Now (US), 9/13/05

Thoughts On Crime And Punishment; from The Sedalia Democrat (MO), 9/2/05

Release: Commission Hearing Probes Crowding In Prison, Use Of Isolation, & Medical And Mental Health Care; from The Commission On Safety And Abuse In America's Prisons, August 2005

Legislation Calls For An End To Cuffing Women During Labor; from San Jose Mercury News (CA), 8/1/05

Released: US Prisoner Rape Report (Department of Justice); from Reuters News (US), 7/31/05

Opinion: The Roots of Prisoner Abuse; from New York Times (NY), 7/31/05

Editorial: The Truth About Abu Ghraib; from Washington Post (DC), 7/29/05

Guantánamo Detainees in Hunger Strike; from Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 7/22/05

Tasers Can Be Deadly; from Associated Press (US), 7/17/05

Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantánamo; from The Washington Post (DC), 7/14/05

7 U.S. Jails To Get High-Tech Fences; from The Orlando Sentinel (FL), 7/3/05

Inquiry Could Change Prisons, from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA), 6/5/05

Commissioner Wants Closer Look At Beating Death Of Jail Inmate; from The Tuscaloosa News (AL), 5/27/05

Mich. Inmates Sue Over Being Held Naked; from The Associated Press (US), 5/26/05

Judge: Public Has Right to See Abuse Photos; from The Associated Press (US), 5/26/05

US Leads Global Attack on Human Rights - Amnesty; from Reuters (US), 5/25/05

Mothers In Chains: Why Keeping US Women Prisoners In Shackles During Labor And Delivery Is The Real Crime Against Society; from (US-Web), 5/23/05

The Unknown Unknowns of the Abu Ghraib Scandal, By Seymour Hersh; from The Guardian (UK), 5/21/05

Rx Sought For Prison Health Care; from The Sacramento Bee (CA), 5/22/05

Sex Abuse of Federal Inmates by Guards "A Significant Problem," Justice Department Says; from The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 5/13/05

Judge Blasts State's Prison Health Care; from San Jose Mercury News, 5/11/05

OpEd: Mother's Plea For Son Before It's Too Late; from The Oakland Tribune (CA), 5/8/05

Editorial: Prison Predators; from Washington Post (DC), 5/6/05

Inside City's Booking Center, There's Far Too Much Company; from The Baltimore Sun (MD), 5/1/05

Panel Convenes Hearing On Prison Violence; from The Associated Press (US), 4/20/05

Former Warden Recounts Abuses In Florida Prisons; from The St. Petersburg Times (FL), 4/20/05

Torture Inc. - Americas Brutal Prisons; from UK Channel 4 (UK), March 2005

February 2005: The Vera Institute of Justice is establishing a Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons. Read about it at:

State Board Calls Rikers Suicide a Glaring Case of Poor Care; from The New York Times (NY), 4/4/05

Father, Guards Face Charges in 'Scared Straight' Stunt; from ABC News Online (US Web), 4/1/05

The Pentagon's Secret Stash; from Reason Magazine (US), Apr 05

'One Huge US Jail'; from The Guardian (UK), 3/19/05

Afghan Detainee's Leg Was 'Pulpified,' Witness Says; from The Los Angeles Times (CA), 3/23/05

Video Shows U.S. Soldiers in 'Ramadi Madness' Abuse; from Reuters (US), 3/7/05

Sheriff Joe Featured In 'Torture: America's Brutal Prisons'; from Sonoran News (AZ), 3/2/05

From Bagram to Abu Ghraib; from Mother Jones Magazine (US), March/April 2005

National Commission To Examine U.S. Prison Conditions; News Release, from The Vera Institute for Justice, 3/1/05

Ex-Narcotics Chief Behind Bars; from The Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN), 2/23/05

Campbell Officers To Plead Guilty; from The Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN), 2/22/05

Tape Reveals Terrifying Campaign In War On Drugs; from The Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN), 2/6/05

Do You Like Adventure? from In These Times Magazine (US), 2/4/05

Dems Weigh Delaying Gonzales Appointment; from The Associated Press, 2/1/05

ACLU Calls On Gonzales to Appoint Special Counsel on Torture Abuses; ACLU Press Release (US), 1/30/05

My Nightmare of Torture and Assault, By Briton Held In Guantanamo; from The Independent (UK), 1/30/05

Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics; from The Associated Press, 1/27/05

Editorial: The Wrong Attorney General; from The New York Times, 1/26/05

Torture In Iraq Still Routine, Report Says; from The Washington Post (DC), 1/25/05

Soldier Could Get 15 Years; from The Spokesman-Review (WA), 1/15/05

Stop the Confirmation of Alberto Gonzales! from (US Web)

Justice Dept. Rewrites Memo on Torture; from The Associated Press (US), 12/31/04

America's Abu Ghraib: We Torture Them Here, Too; from New York City Indymedia (NY), 12/14/04

Gonzales Hearings Could Become Ugly; from The Washington Times (DC), 12/14/04

Perspective: Chickens Come Home to Roost, by Marjorie Cohn; from (US Web), 12/7/04

These Torturers Work For You, by Molly Ivins; from The Spokesman-Review (WA), 12/5/04

Ethics And The Shadow Of Torture; from PBS Online (US Web), 12/3/04

Upcoming Forum in NYC: Reflections on Abu Ghraib: The Use and Abuse of Prison Power in the United States

Four Ex-Detainees Sue Rumsfeld, 10 Others; from The Boston Globe (MA), 10/28/04

Oklahoma Sheriff Allegedly Had Sex, Threatened Female Inmates; from Associated Press (US), 10/21/04

Special Issue on Torture and Abuse in Prisons; from the September 2004 issue of Justice Matters, the newsletter of The Western Prison Project

Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base; from The New York Times, 10/16/04

Ex-Inmate's Suit Offers View Into Sexual Slavery in Prisons; from The New York Times, 10/16/04

Senseless Killings, Flagrant Abuse of Police Power, Willful Disregard of Prisoners' Rights; from Democracy Now! (US Web), 9/28/04

Iraqi Dungeons and Torture Chambers Under New, American Trained Management; From Prison Legal News (US), Sep 2004

U.S. Probing Alleged Abuse Of Afghans; from The Los Angeles Times (CA), 9/21/04

U.S. Doctors Tied to Prisoner Abuse; from The Toronto Star (CN ON), 8/20/04

Federal Prison Won't Accept Former CIA Contractor; from The Associated Press (US), 8/17/04

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One-Third of Detainees Who Died Were Assaulted, By Tom Squitieri and Dave Moniz; from USA Today (US), 6/1/04

Shocking Prisoner Abuses Are Revealed; from The Independent (UK), 8/4/04

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib; from Rolling Stone Magazine (US), 7/28/04

Teaching Torture, By Doug Ireland; from The LA Weekly (CA), 7/22/04

Treat the Epidemic Behind Bars Before It Hits the Streets (Editorial Observer); from The New York Times (US), 6/22/04

Inmate Abuse Closer To Home Than Abu Ghraib, By Neal Peirce; from The Charlotte Observer (NC), 7/3/04

Rape Nation, By Kari Lydersen; from AlterNet (US Web), 7/2/04

New System For Probing Prison Abuse, By Sean P. Murphy; from The Boston Globe (MA), 6-28-04

US Prisons Nurture Violence, Disease; from The Taipei Times (Taiwan), 6-23-04

The Same, Only Different, by Tim Wise; from ZNet Magazine (US Web), 5-13-04

Hearings Set In Iraqi Abuse, By Todd Pitman; from The Associated Press, 6/15/04

This War And Racism -- Media Denial In Overdrive, by Norman Solomon; from The Jordan Times (Jordan), 6/17/04

Ashcroft Comments on Anti-Terror Policy [& Torture] (text); from the DOJ Terrorism Oversight Hearings, U.S. Senate, House Judiciary Committee, 6/8/04

Video Documents Jail Horrors On Reservations; from The Billings Gazette (MT), 6/15/04

Leaked Torture Memo: Full Text; Working Group Report On Detainee Interrogations in the Global War on Terrorism; from

Ex-Inmate Says Abu Ghraib Suspect Mistreated Prisoners In Pennsylvania, by Drew Griffin; from Cable Network News (CNN), 5/28/04

INS Prisons: Torture In A Florida Jail; "Whatever We Want To Do With You", By Mark Dow; from Axis of Logic (US Web), 6/5/04

Commentary: Prisoner Abuse: How Different are U.S. Prisons? by Jamie Fellner, Esq.; from Human Rights Watch (US), 6/7/04

Experts Say U.S. Prisoners Are Subjected To Iraqi-Style Abuse, by Hazel Trice Edney; from The Wilmington Journal (NC), 6/7/04

It Happened Here First: Exporting America's Most Notorious Prison Officials to Abu Ghraib; from Democracy Now Radio with host Amy Goodman (US), 6/2/04 (Democracy Now Radio is monitering the connections between the abuse in the Iraq prisons and prisoner abuse in U.S. prisons.)

America's Abu Ghraibs, by Bob Herbert; from The New York Times (NY)

Islamic Group Says Professor's Treatment In Prison Inhumane; from The Associated Press

Abuse At Iraqi Prison Predictable, Decades-Old Study Shows; from (US - Web)

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Other Prisoner Abuse Resources:

New Materials From Stop Prisoner Rape - May 2007:

Photos of Iraqis Being Abused by US Personnel; Slideshow from The New Yorker Magazine (Caution: contains graphic images)

1999 - Amnesty International - Not Part of My Sentence - Violations of the Human Rights of Women in Custody (PDF Format)

1998: The Past and Future of US Prison Policy: Twenty-Five Years After the Stanford Prison Experiment," by Craig Haney and Philip Zimbardo, from American Psychologist, July 1998, Vol. 53, No. 7, (PDF Format)

1998 - Amnesty International - USA: Rights For All: Human Rights In The United States Of America (PDF Format)

1971 - The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment, conducted at Stanford University

Gates of Injustice - by Alan Elsner is a compelling exposé of the U.S. prison system: it tells how more than 2 million Americans came to be incarcerated ... the rampant abuse on the inside ... and how a giant "prison-industrial complex" promotes imprisonment over other solutions. Published 2004.

The Stolen Lives Project: Killed By Law Enforcement: Provides important and compelling exposures of the nationwide epidemic of police brutality and outright murder.

Also visit these web sites:

Amnesty International

Amnesty International USA

Prison Legal News regularly reports on prisoner abuse in America

Human Rights Watch

Stop Prisoner Rape

Post Incarceration Syndrome and Relapse (PICS) - A study by Terence T. Gorski, an internationally recognized expert on substance abuse, mental health, violence, & crime. The Sentencing Project promotes reduced reliance on incarceration and increased use of more effective and humane alternatives to deal with crime.
Report - The Pain Merchants: Security Equipment And Its Use In Torture And Other Ill-Treatment; from Amnesty International, 2/12/03 (Also available in PDF Format)

2M (Two Million, Too Many) has released a timely song entitled Our Own Kind. The song was written to warn that sadistic abuse unleashed in Abu Ghraib was born in US prisons. A mix of folk verse, ethnic rhythms, and mournful accordion, it takes the listener to the horror of Abu Ghraib prison.
Download "Our Own Kind" Mp3

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