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What we need in order to publish a story on The WALL

· Photograph

Preferably a family visitation photo for stonger visual impact.

· Short Story

Written from the prisoner's experience. One or two pages reads best, even a paragraph or two is okay.

· Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI)

This helps us pre-screen any potential problems. When we ask about criminal history -- we really need to know. The media often asks for stories to publish -- we must have the truth. For state prisoners, any documentation of past criminal history will be accepted. Case managers can provide this paperwork. (The PSI or equivalent remains confidential and is for our records only.) Please do not include trial transcripts or legal court documents. We will request any additional paperwork if needed.

· Drug War Prisoner Questionnaire

This form asks case information and details regarding sentencing. In order to process a wall story we require the questionnaire completed and signed by the prisoner.

Once our office receives all of the necessary items, we can process the wall story. Upon completion, a proof will be sent to the prisoner for approval. When the proof is returned to us we will make the necessary changes, if needed, and add the story to our wall website.

Download questionnaire (Adobe Acrobal PDF format)

Problems downloading questionnaire?

or write

The Wall
c/o The November Coalition
282 West Astor - Colville, WA 99114

Please provide:
Prisoner's name, ID# and address and we will mail the necessary paperwork to the prisoner.

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