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An understanding of our primary educational projects - how and why we tell the public what we do - will help you determine how you can participate.

As you know by reading the November Coalition's history, we rely on telling the simple truth of the matter, believing that sharing the anguish of injustice will "humanize" drug war prisoners and allow us to counter political propaganda demonizing them. We begin by sharing prisoner stories on The Wall - both on the website and in the Razor Wire, our newspaper.

We share sentiments of children through their correspondence with imprisoned parents, and prisoners' letters to their children, their impassioned pleas to legislators for fairness and justice for their parents, uncles and siblings. Formal expressions or elements defining and animating this educational process include prose, essays, letters, artwork and, most often, written narratives of personal history and opinion. To promote further understanding of how this works, please visit one or more of these sections of the website for details.

Our home office manages a complex communication network for coordinating volunteers nationwide - prisoners, their family members, friends, other reform organizations - by traditional mail, electronic mail and telephone. This thick web of communication is prompted primarily by our public education projects that you see listed here. People who read about us, and understand our mission, contact us to learn how they can be involved.

Many stories find their way into major national magazines, newspapers, TV news specials and documentaries. This is one, great reason why your personal contributions to our growing, educational ability is vital. If you don't tell us your stories, share your children's material and your own sentiments - we can't share them with the world.

To learn how you can contribute to specific sections of the website and newspaper, follow the links provided on this page. There you will find the guidelines and instructions for participation. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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