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Submission Ideas and Requirements

The idea for this portion of the website came in the summer of 1997 from Haley Ansil. She wanted to share a prayer she had written for her father with our internet visitors.

We feature children's drawings, poems, prayers and letters they write to legislators in our newspaper, the Razor Wire,and on our website. Sometimes a child will write an imprisoned parent a letter that will make a "free citizen" that is visiting our website, pause and take notice. Feel free to send us such correspondence if you would like it posted on the internet or published in our newspaper.

We also feature articles that have particular focus on children who are direct victims of the drug war, such as teenager Ezekial Hernandez, shot and killed by Marines while herding his goats. The Marines thought he was a drug smuggler.

You may make an electronic submission of writing, but we prefer to scan material in the children's handwriting when at all possible. Visitation photos with their imprisoned parents make a welcome addition to both website and the newspaper, and can accompany anything that the guardian or parent and child want to submit for consideration. Please include permission for us to make this submission public.

To make an electronic submission, email:

Send "hard copy" of children's submissions and photographs to:

The November Coalition
282 West Astor
Colville, WA 99114

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