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The National Vigil Project - Overview

The National Vigil Project is patterned after the social movement known as Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina. Starting in the 1970s, these Argentine mothers met each week in the Plaza de Mayo carrying photos of their missing children and loved ones. The simple but dramatic demonstration is remembered as helping force a brutal military regime from power and ending Argentina's "Dirty War."

The National Vigil Project calls for special, public attention to similar disappearances of drug war prisoners into the hidden confines of the powerful U.S. prison industrial complex. November Coalition volunteers have successfully organized vigils in many communities nationwide. 

Vigil leaders have many opportunities to raise awareness of the drug war, and some responsibilities. To understand what these responsibilities are, visit the Vigil Report web pages to see what others have already accomplished in their communities. As vigil reports reveal, a leader begins a regularly scheduled vigil with a few friends, or new friends meet through the network of November Coalition members and other local social justice reformers. Usually held at courthouses and outside jails or prisons, they meet weekly, monthly, quarterly or in response to a particular event or pending legal decision.

We have prepared a set of vigil guidelines, goals, and other web pages that should instruct and hopefully inspire your participation. After reviewing this information and if you are interested in leading a vigil, please fill out and send the Vigil Questionnaire to our office. A member of our staff will acknowledge receipt and set up a time for a phone conversation. If you have any questions our website does not address, please email: and a member of our staff will respond.

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