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This edition of The Razor Wire is available as a full size, full color, fully printable Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

"First off, my name is Arthur Tharpe, a.k.a. (BARWIRE). I'm the founder as well as the lead artist of Yard Down Entertainment, which is partnered with Satturn Media LLC. I created the group while incarcerated at Donovan Correctional Facility, and based the format upon true insight of an ex-felon with big dreams.

"Anyhow, during my stay at the maximum secured facility, I studied media marketing, promotions, distribution and public relations, among many other avenues, to help my dreams become my reality. Upon my release, my studies began to pay off faster than I'd imagined, with the support & consultation of none other than James "Jay-I" Clark, the founder of Satturn Media LLC. He basically handed me the ball and I ran with it.

"It also required support plus dedication from local youths in the neighborhood to help the mission be carried out. That came from my street team, a group of kids who were eager to see me succeed so that they could see me the next day, including my daughter, Sha'Veha!

"However, my main objective is to do what I've wanted to do since L.L. Cool J "rocked the bells"... become a rap artist. But over the years my passion grew stronger as my life of crime increased. This is when I knew it was either a cold cell and lonely nights, or sunny days and bright lights, so I chose to keep warm, and at the same time bring along some lost souls that were as hungry as myself. With this I present to You "Yard Down Entertainment"! The term Yard Down is used to alert inmates of hostile activity on the premises and to "get down" or to be "shot down".

"If you think musically, then you know Yard Down music is serious business. Making up the group is a host of ex-felons: Nutty-Nut is a songwriter/marketing promoter with a liquefied sound to keep you wet from sweat.

Next up is Toot Wit Loot, a songwriter/founder of Seasoned Vet Entertainment/producer, who has the skills to keep the music beats comin'! Than we have Tyrone, the Southern Gravel, a songwriter/distribution coordinator with the voice to make quiet storms.

Last but not least by a long shot is Kelo, a songwriter/founder of Pushover Records which is branched off of Yard Down Entertainment coming soon in the streets near you. Kelo produces that mid-west, ruff around the edges style that keeps you tuned in without pause or skip.

"For those with the same dreams as myself, here's some words to remember: It's easier done than said, because if you can say it, you can DO IT!!

"We've done local venues in the San Diego area, speeches in troubled communities to troubled youths from Spring Valley, South East, downtown, Pacific Beach, all the way to Arizona. It's nothin' - if you got the time to make it big, we got an ingredient you can use to make sure your cake is baked right!"

Barwire is founder of Yard Down Entertainment. James Clark, founder of Satturn Media Marketing, signed a 50/50 joint venture deal to start an entertainment company.

According to Clark: "Satturn Media discovered Barwire (he's an old friend from high school from the same hood). After prison I took Barwire under my wing to teach him more about the business. After working in Los Angeles for the major labels (x-marketing grassroots director for Nelly, Ruff Ryders, Eminem and many more artists), I moved back to my home town, San Diego to open up business in 2002 to help the small independent record labels. A year later I connected back with Barwire and put him through the most important step in this business "Artist Development".

We were in a group together in high school and I just knew Barwire had the talent. One thing that I am a fan of is his writing skills. Barwire is now working on a short film about his life growing up and making it in this music business. He's also working on a new deal by signing record companies and developing young talent. The newest member to the Yard Down family is also an ex-inmate from Cincinnati, OH: Kelo. (JAY-I)"

Yard Down Entertainment
PO Box 80853
San Diego, CA 92138-0853

Visit Satturn Media Marketing on the web at:

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