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Mail Call

My husband and I are currently incarcerated in the federal system. I am doing 4 years in Pekin, IL and he was sentenced to 20 years in Oxford, WI. It is my first time ever in trouble, and his second time. We have drug charges. We were set up by a "good friend". We had no drugs on us -- we were just audio taped discussing drugs with a confidential informant.

There are 320 women in this prison camp, most with drug charges. Mostly first offences, and most have 3 - 20 years. We've all left our children behind, and they are the ones who suffer most. It's very sad to listen to all the different stories.

Beth Cresswell-Shearin

In April of last year, the ATF set up a "controlled buy" in my neighborhood. I made a phone call and got some speed for the agents -- they got me and two friends. We aren't dealers or traffickers or kingpins, we were addicts. The DOJ condones this activity, and the government is its incubator. It's repulsive.

My answer is that I am studying law; I'm going to be a lawyer. I can envision a whole law firm of ex-felons -- now wouldn't that be something? I look forward to working with the November Coalition in the future.

Sincerely, Kurt

I'm a federal inmate at Greenville FCI, and took notice of the letter in your Summer 2006 issue concerning Ion Spectrometry Machines. Problems with these machines are apparently not isolated to any one institution. My 67-year-old mother was one of many innocent visitors turned away.

We are curious what others are doing to voice their complaints. We have exhausted BOP administrative remedies, with expected results. I also wrote the ACLU, who replied that they were concerned, but lacked the resources to handle individual cases.

Surely, between all the BOP facilities using these devices, there must be hundreds or thousands of visitors being falsely accused. Perhaps a Freedom Of Information Act request could produce some numbers. I've heard of six in one day here at Greenville.

Let's all make our voices heard!

Randall Stoneburner

I personally thank you for your commitment to ending the war on drugs. I am baffled how this country declares war on its own people, and then supplies the drugs to continue the war effort.

I was charged, tried and convicted of first degree murder. In a constant search for better drugs, I met a girl, and thought life was great. She sold some heroin to someone, they sold it to someone else -- now that someone else is dead. Though many were involved, I was the only one charged, and I never even met this individual. He overdosed, and the state held me responsible.

I've scratched my head for years trying to figure out this hateful system. I may not be society's greatest, but I am no killer.

Respectfully, Michael Aumuller

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