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Mail Call

Dear November Coalition:

Thanks for your help with Drug Prohibition Awareness Month in January 2007 at the Winston-Salem (NC) Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. It was a great success!

Enclosed are two sheets of petitioners for your files. We also distributed almost all copies of the Razor Wire that you sent.

We fielded answers to all sorts of questions about drug prohibition, especially the injustice created by policies based on religious dogma, not medical science. UU's can understand the issue when framed in those terms.

Best of luck with your endeavors. If you are in the Winston-Salem area, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For Justice and Peace, Jim Campbell, MD

Dear November Coalition:

My name is Willard Allen, I thank you for expressing concern about my case and the information contained in the Razor Wire, Summer 2006, that you sent. Please keep me on your mailing list to receive updates and more Razor Wires. I am currently working in the kitchen here at FMC Devens and make approximately 12 cents an hour, so I'm not able to make a monetary donation at this time.

Another reason I have decided to write is on behalf of my children, who are having a rough time dealing with my incarceration. Their mother doesn't want them to see me here at the prison. However, I believe she just needs time.

I am interested in trying to get something started in Maine where I'm from and where my children live. Something like the "In Arms Reach" Program with NFL Legend Carl Banks and Terrence Stevens (RW, summer 2006) who increase public awareness of what children go through because of an incarcerated parent.

Just because I have a 30-year sentence does not mean that I cannot support my children. I need help with information about how to go about this, and any guidance would be appreciated deeply.

Sincerely, Willard J. Allen

(I emailed your letter to In Arms Reach. Other groups may respond to your concerns and goal for Maine after reading your plea here - ed.)

Hello Coalition,

In the last Razor Wire issue, winter 06/07, I noted several references to the "Drug War Chronicle." Is that a newsletter or magazine? Please send information on it. Keep up the great work. Every time I get the Razor Wire it's an uplifting experience!

Thanks, Jay Smith

(Sorry, Jay, but The Drug War Chronicle is an electronic newsletter only, published online weekly at - ed.)

I'm homeless right now as a result of the "war on drugs" and would love to be a member but barely have enough for food because of high bails, lawyers, etc. Can I still join somehow?

Jenn in San Diego

(Hi Jenn, of course you can join! We're pleased to sponsor you. I'm sending you a couple back issues today. If you are interested and comfortable telling it, we'd also like to know more of your experience - ed.)

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