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Mail Call

Dear Editor:
I borrowed a copy of last month's Razor Wire belonging to my neighbor, Noah Robinson. In between my own room and the law library, somebody picked it up, and I need a copy to replace the missing edition. Can you help?
Mr. Robinson claims he would rather have lost his Oakleys sunglasses than his Razor Wire. The edition was last month's, and I can pay for another copy if needed. Please let me know. - Coleman J. Fenton Jr.
(Ed. - Two fresh copies of the Summer 2007
Razor Wire have been sent to you and Noah Robinson. Thanks for the nice letter!)

I have spent the last 14 years at FCI Sheridan, for a drug conspiracy. But as of right now I'm in one of the county jails in Portland. I was one of the inmates indicted for a tobacco conspiracy, which holds a maximum sentence of six months. Since I'm going to be here for a while, I would like to get a copy of one of your newsletters to share with these guys in the county jail. They have never heard of your organization, so I want to show them what I'm talking about. Also if you want to know any more about the so called tobacco conspiracy please let me know. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Yours truly, Randy

I've been reading a lot of your literature and I wanted to tell you that my son was sentenced to LIFE even though he never had a traffic ticket in his life. First offense, and he had a promising career with the World Football/NFL league. He was convicted in 1994 and is still serving time in federal prison for conspiracy to sell crack cocaine. There were no evidence of drugs and the co-defendants took advantage of the "help yourself" clause and got 5 years. Now, I'm not upholding any wrongs of either of their parts but ENOUGH ALREADY! With the Sentencing Commission reforming the crack laws, I pray for justice - as a Mother I want my son to get the relief he deserves . Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. - Sincerely, Ms. G.I.

A fellow inmate let me read several issues of your Razor Wire publication and I felt like I had been given a treasure. When I was arrested several months ago I vowed to continue my activist lifestyle and believed there was much work to be done in prison, but I wasn't sure how and where to get started.
Your magazine provides me with many threads to follow up on and a wealth of resources to discover. So please accept my subscription fee and include me on your mailing list. I am looking forward to your next publication. - Sincerely, John

I just want to thank you for your work at the November Coalition. I feel the information that I obtain from your organization is very important.
I write greeting cards for InsideOutz, a company that sends cards to prisoners all over the world. When I read stuff from your organization, it reinforces my reasons for trying to help inmates. There are many who need personal support and the support of society.
I will continue creating as I know my words are on the walls of inmate's cells everywhere. Thanks for your indirect help and encouragement. - Mark Morgan,

Hello Good People at the November Coalition,
I know that the holidays are coming. I'd like to do a small Mitzvah project making handmade Holiday greeting cards to send to prisoners.
I looked up "prisoner pen pals" on the Internet and most of the sites seemed to be either commercial or somewhat sexual. Do you have a suggestion about how I could obtain addresses without paying or getting involved with romantic overtures?
Thank you - Ben Kintisch, Jewish Theological Seminary
(Ed. - We directed Ben to several resources for obtaining prisoner addresses.)

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