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 The "Crack Law" or "Black Law"

By Brother John E. Mitchell, Prisoner of War in America

The 100 to 1 ratio built on arbitrary political machinery has repetitiously been torn down by all the nations leading experts in chemical, biochemical positions. They have provided overwhelming facts that there is no chemical difference between the word or terminology "crack" and it's actual chemical composition. Without all the legal rhetoric, it is scientific fact that cocaine is cocaine!

How possible is it that this cocaine form which existence has common place been beyond the price range of just about all but middle class and upper echelons, appears suddenly and simultaneously all over this country? The Theory/Conspiracy that Oliver North would fit glove and hand being Black America's public enemy Number One is plausible when one investigates Mr. North's very intimate relationship, both overt and clandestine with the Iran Contra.

Under Freedom of Information Act, Oliver North is the lead plotter of this alleged "Black" or "Crack" epidemic. Certainly, through much courageous effort on sister Maxine Water's part, facts fully support what has been illuminated.

Private sectors or investors continue to create need for prisons which herald prison industries such as, UNICOR as the 50th most lucrative business in the world, and we must suspect this industry is rapidly growing. As to the Black race being again targeted is circumspect.

There's absolutely no doubt to better grasp this, write down COINTEL, or Counterintelligence and learn of the government's fully launched campaign in the 50's and 60's to terminate all aspiring black organizations and would-be leaders during our struggle for Civil Rights. Slavery today, as spoken by our true leaders, is seen as being very sophisticated, high tech slavery. Even while Black America's youth are predominantly imprisoned, few of us understand the reaches of just how much of our Constitution has been suspended in order to secure their imprisonments: Affirmative action, undermining of other social reforms, Social Security Medicare-Medicaid, etc. This is but one imperative of reasonings as to why I urge you in haste to back anyone speaking out for justice regarding the Black race, unquestionably, back sister, Maxine Waters. Let this be an imperative that we rise in the face of this adversity, because a lethargic people repeat a victimized history and surely no history on the earth was ever rendered more victimized an catastrophic than ours. Leaving you with a poem, heed this...

This thing is like a wheel,
it turns today its me,
tomorrow its you.
today I'm hungry, infirmed,
tomorrow it's you.
Today I'm Hungry , infirm,
tomorrow it's you.
today I'm indigent, homeless,
tomorrow it's you.
Today I sit wrongfully imprisoned,
tomorrow it's you.
This thing is like a wheel,
it turns!

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