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Rehabilitation or Resentment?

By Mauricio A. Rueben, Prisoner of War in America

Take it from someone who knows - a person sent to prison for a drug law violation stops rehabilitating after a few years. During those first years, he or she will have lost their job, home, autos, and for most, their family support system. Remorse for many is very acute. After a few years, and if at that point and time they are released, most become good and productive citizens.

After a few years, once the person has gone through any positive changes, the mind will start to wonder . . . I didn't kill anyone, I didn't rob anyone, I didn't rape, abuse, or abduct anyone. Why am I still here? What do they want from me? What do I have to gain by changing and behaving?


Resentment, anger, hostility and vengefull feelings set in; where change and remorse had once resided. These feelings have years, if not decades to set in well. The result of this punishment is then released back into society. Remember, most drug law violators will be released sooner or later.

It is needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. We could find constructive projects for our tax dollars. What our country needs right now is politicians who are not afraid to be the first to call for changes in our justice system. The next time that we scream "Tougher on Crime!" we had better realize what we are asking for.

Building more prisons and enlarging our police forces are not the answers. On the contrary, we need to stop prison construction, give the prisoners that are now serving time for nonviolent drug law violations a chance for parole with good-time.

We need to restore America to its former glory-the envy of the world-the Land of the Free-a land where people were once free to do, or go where he or she pleased as long as their actions did not violate anyone else's rights.

Learn well, vote smart, end the drug war and take possession of your country American voters-before it is too late. Stop buying resentment. If you don't, at the rate we are going now, we will have to throw a fence around our borders and call it a prison.

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