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by Stanley Huff, Prisoner of war in America

Just like Vietnam, the United States continues to find itself on the losing end in its efforts with the War on Drugs. Just like Vietnam, maybe it's a War that the US doesn't want to win. Then who's to say the US is losing. The real loss comes from the inner cities of the United States. The African Americans are indeed the real losers... For as long as there remains a crumb of so-called "crack" cocaine on the streets of Urban America, we, the African Americans will continue to lose.

Why has the United States Government and Congress been concentrating its energies on the so called "crack" cocaine issues and completely disregarding the real perpetrator(s), the smugglers? The African Americans do not own cocoa leaf plantations, nor do we own Airplanes and not to mention all the clandestine manufacturing labs scattered all over South America and else where. How many African Americans were arrested smuggling cocaine into this county last year? Is it possible for the United States Government to allow a certain amount of cocaine to flow into the United States? If so why?

Is so-called crack cocaine a racial issue? Creating laws that affect one race over another is so unconstitutional as to wreak the stench that has found its way into the inner-cities throughout the United States is racial, and its laws are built on impartiality and are very discriminatory.

Ninety nine percent of the so-called crack cocaine is sold in the inner-city. It's as inner-city as Old English 800, Crisco and MD 20/20. You won't find these cheap rock-gut drinks in suburbia, nor will you find so-called crack cocaine in suburbia. Not yet.

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