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Less Education - More Incarceration

by Glenn Early, Prisoner of War in America

One wants to believe that American legislators are elected into office for the sole purpose of representing the people's interest. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. It is difficult to believe that the people truly support the increased megabucks prison construction over the desperately needed reconstruction and expansion of our children's school systems.

In recent news, stories it is revealed that our country has built 213 prisons between 1990 and 1995, while our nation still has some 16,000 schools that badly need either major repair or replacing. Yet we have legislators decrying their lack of the cash necessary for this vital school construction.

How will our children receive a quality education when the very schools around them are collapsing? The American voters must express their disgust in their politician's skewed priorities and personal agendas before the only building in our poorly educated children's futures will be the very prisons the legislators constructed in favor of more schools.

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