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Equal Justice For All

by G. Patrick Callahan, Prisoner of War in America

 NEWARK- Three former high school athletes convicted of sexually assaulting a mentally retarded girl were sent to prison Monday after years of battling their convictions.

The men, now in their mid-twenties, were high school athletes in 1989 when they lured their victim to a basement in affluent Glen Ridge and sexually assaulted her as up to 10 schoolmates watched.

Although convicted in 1993, they have been free on bail while the case was appealed.

Monday's sentencing followed an appeals court decision last month that over-turned the most serious charge against them.

Christopher Archer, 25, and Kevin Scherzer, 26, were sentenced to up to 15 years, which would bring their release in up to three years. Scherzer's twin brother, Kyle, received a seven-year sentence and could be released in 10 months.

I recall this case well and it stands as another shining example of how ass backwards the notions are of justice and punishment in this country. These three slobs take this mentally retarded girl into the basement of one of their lily rich white homes along with a mess of school chums. They strip and gang rape her, make her perform a variety of sex acts while the rest of the crowd - also scions of the affluent - hoot and cheer them on. When they were done with the girl, they further raped her with a baseball bat and then ended the festivities by sodomizing her with the bat, which injured her, ending the fun.

Because they were rich white boys, and their parents had the dough, they managed to fight the case with a battery of high dollar attorneys proving once more that justice in the US is simply a function of money. You will notice from the clipping that they were released on an appeal bond for all the years subsequent to their conviction and had delayed the trial itself nearly four years before that.

They were released on an appeal bond because the justice system apparently did not deem these fine fellows a danger to the community. If you were arrested with 50 pounds of marijuana, sports fans - even medical grade marijuana - and you asked to be released on an appeal bond, the court would laugh you back to your county jail cell. You see, you are not a danger to the community for gang raping a mentally retarded girl in the middle of a crowd of your leering cronies and then jamming a baseball bat up her rectum for one last laugh. But you're a real desperado if you're hauling some weed or a quarter pound of cocaine.

It requires a double take to see just how bogus "justice" is in this country. On one hand, the dude with the pot is taking it to a variety of customers who look forward to the delivery. Here no one is violently forced to smoke marijuana, nobody will be holding someone down stuffing cocaine up their nostrils. On the other hand, this poor retarded girl is ravaged by a pack of rapacious dogs against her pathetic, diminished will. The dope smuggler will do a five or maybe ten year mandatory minimum sentence in many localities and God help him if he has any sort of prior should the Feds catch him. These rapists will come up for release in three years, one of them might get out in just ten months. Pretty unreal ladies and gentlemen.

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