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No Victims?

By Claude Tower, former POW

In the introduction to The Best Defense, a book by civil rights lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, the author publishes the real rules of the American justice game.

Rule 1- Most criminal defendants are, in fact guilty.

Rule 2 - All criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges understand and believe Rule 1.

Rule 3 - It is easier to convict guilty defendants by violating the Constitution than by complying with it, and in some areas it is impossible to convict guilty defendants without violating the Constitution.

Rule 4 - Almost all police lie about whether they violated the Constitution in order to convict guilty defendants.

Rule 5 - All prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys are aware of Rule 4.

Rule 6 - Many prosecutors implicitly encourage police to lie about whether they violated the Constitution in order to convict defendants.

Rule 7 - All judges are aware of Rule 6.

Rule 8 - Most trial judges pretend to believe police officers who they know are lying.

Rule 9 - All appellate judges are aware of Rule 8, yet many pretend to believe the trail judges who pretended to believe the lying police officers.

Rule 10 - Most judges disbelieve defendants about whether their Constitutional rights have been violated, even if they are telling the truth.

Rule 11 - Most judges and prosecutors would not knowingly convict a defendant who they believe to be innocent of the crime charged.

Rule 12 - Rule 11 does not apply to members of organized crime, drug dealers, career criminals or potential informers.

Rule 13 - Nobody really wants justice.

Dershowitz is telling us that the enforcers of the laws really don't care about justice anymore. The Constitution is the law of the land, but the establishment disrespects it.

According to Rule 12, judges and prosecutors will go after a conviction of a drug dealer - even if they think them innocent.

We who have been there, know that hard-hearted cynics populate the legal system in every position. A drug defendant reviews his pre-sentence investigation report and under the "Victim's Considerations" section reads, "there is no victim in the present instance."

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