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The War On Drugs Is a Declared War

We refer to drug law violators in political terms because the political nature of the war on drugs is readily apparent. We believe that prisoners of the drug war are actually prisoners of war, and that this war has been declared. The drug war has never been a metaphor. Read a quote from Dan Baum's book Smoke and Mirrors, it illustrates our point very well:

"A full 83 percent of Americans polled in a 1987 opinion poll approved of reporting drug using family members to the police. It was in this atmosphere that the U.S. Supreme Court decided that drug defendants " even nonviolent ones" are inherently dangerous and can be denied their Eighth Amendment right of reasonable bail.

'We have repeatedly held that the government's regulatory interest can, in appropriate circumstances, outweigh an individual's liberty interest,' the Court ruled. 'For example, in times of war or insurrection...the government may detain individuals whom the government deems to be dangerous.' Thus was the War On Drugs anointed a real war by the Supreme Court."

We further state our point by showing that this over-broad definition has been applied to American citizens before. Japanese Americans were deemed dangerous to the government during World War II and held in detention camps "isolated from society " losing jobs, homes, possessions and loved-ones. The same horror is being carried out against American citizens again.

At least 3 people are arrested every minute for U.S. drug law violations. Each day in America, at least 117 people are added to the prison population for drug law violations.

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