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I Have Had ENOUGH Of War!

An Open Letter to Senator Abraham of Michigan

By Nora Callahan

Addressing the country in the Republican's Weekly radio broadcast on March 7th, you said, "It would be a catastrophe to let any drug dealer think the cost of doing their deadly business is going down."

Speaking for your party, you chided President Clinton for a "too-little, too-late strategy" and harshly criticized the president's proposal to ease prison sentencing guidelines for small-time crack cocaine dealers. In true arm-chair warrior fashion, you told your listeners that the GOP is calling for a new war on drugs, as if the old one wasn't big and bad enough for everyone concerned.

"Here's the Republican answer: let's make the sentences for powder cocaine dealers a lot tougher," you suggested.

Here's my suggestion to you Senator Abraham. Swallow a legal Valium®, calm down, and take a look at the facts.

More people have been imprisoned for drug law violations under Bill Clinton than under any other president in the history of the United States. He has spent more money on the war, approved escalation in every aspect and contributed to the continuing destabilazation of third world countries.

So pipe down, Senator Abraham and listen to one American citizen who has had enough of all this war talk, from both sides of the party lines.

This war is making big money for a lot of people who have invested in Prison Corporations and Prison industries; who administrate the prisons and guard the hundreds of thousands of nonviolent people this country's government insists on destroying. Money is being made from this war left and right and the same people making that money are supporting campaign funds of leaders like you.

We have American citizens who respond to politicians such as you, with a "yes" vote when election years roll around. We know that "get tough talk" works well with America in the conditioned state that they are in. You are probably safely tucked into your Senator's seat, but only until the truth gets out.

Truth gets out­­remember Vietnam? The truth of the drug war is this: It is a fraud on the American people. It isn't about making America Drug Free and it is not war against crime. It is a war on people and many bent on waging it are getting rich. That truth will get out, Senator Abraham.

How many American citizens have to die, be jailed and ruined before the citizens of this nation realize that they were duped in supporting it? It's happened before­­citizens do wake up and realize that their leaders have lead them down a path of waste and destruction. I doubt that you have an answer for me, though. I've watched this war for quite some time and talk gets tough, but it is seldom smart.

As for me Senator, I've had enough of this war. We have destroyed the inner city with prohibition related crime that has made the roaring '20s look tame, and if that weren't enough, we are imprisoning the African American community and Hispanics in appalling numbers. More and more of our country's youth of color are heading to prison because of where they happen to live, not because they are more "guilty."

Why don't you put some of that federal money where Republican mouths are. Invest the drug war-chest into schools, the economies of our cities and create jobs a person can raise a family on. Take the money out of drugs, invest in jobs and perhaps you and I both will see a drug-freer America. Raising the risk will only raise the price and profits will increase, and so will the drug trade. It doesn't take a genius to do the math.

Quiet the noisy rhetoric that furthers selfish agendas. If you are a true servant of the public trust (and we are the ones who pay your salary), help us work toward solutions that will bring healing to this country. I am tired of war and there is a growing number who will agree. One day, and not so far off, there will be enough of us to win the war on drugs. We will win the war by ending it. Remember it Senator Abraham? They called it, "Peace with honor."


Nora Callahan, Director
The November Coalition

Working to end drug war injustice

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