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Dear November Coalition ­­

A friend here at Allenwood turned me on to your paper. Your paper really hits home on this unjust war. Not only do police and prosecutors bend our rights to fit their needs, the judge looks the other way.

Since I was charged I was guilty, not innocent until proven guilty. My name was all over the front page of the newspaper­­lies the prosecutor told the reporters. Then I was told that I would be facing 20 years and a million dollar fine and my wife would go to prison, too. But if I plead guilty I would get 30 months, no fine and my wife would get probation. If I didn't plead guilty and went to trial and lost, our 8-year-old son would have both parents in prison.

Innocent people are plea bargaining every day. It takes a brave soul to fight them when police lie, prosecutors make deals with witnesses who lie to save their own skins and judges turn away from justice.

I ended up feeling lucky to get 30 months. For the many who haven't been so "lucky," my heart goes out to them. I will be afraid of the federal government for the rest of my life.

Would you pleased send your paper to my home address, I'd like my family to see what is going on. At this time I can't send any money because I'm only making 12¢ an hour. When I get home I'll donate, without your paper people wouldn't know what is going on.

Thank you,

Danny Hartman, Prisoner of the Drug War

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