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To Judy on her 50th birthday

By Jackie Quarterman, Prisoner of the Drug War


Who'd ever guess in this place of despair,

A friend like you'd be waiting to care.

As we search for meaning

in this nightmare ordeal,

It's finding a friend like you to help us heal.


As we strive each day, our sanity to maintain,

We can count our friendship as a definite gain.

Looking forward to the future,

and shedding the pain,

We walk towards the sun

through the clouds and the rain.


And as if the worst hadn't already occurred,

To turn fifty in prison is just totally absurd.

To get over the trauma of this downhill birthday,

Remember the accomplishments

you've made on the way.


View it as a golden year;

a chance to start a new life -

A stronger person from the obstacles,

grown from the strife.

You've had good times and bad

to get to this point,

Leave the bad ones behind

when you're out of this joint!


To Judith Burrs, Your Friend Always

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