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Working to end drug war injustice

Meet the People Behind The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

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The drug war is the cancer that is eating our nation

By Linda Green, Prisoner of the Drug War

Congratulations to Linda for the Best Sample Letter of 1998

Prohibition is the cause; the problem is not the use of drugs. The numbers of addicts are minimal and have remained unchanged throughout our history. The true addiction is the lure of money due to black market profits caused by prohibition. If there were no profits, there would be nothing to protect. Illicit money and everything that comes with it would not tempt our nation's children. Twelve-year-olds could no longer be recruited to protect and sell black market products for prohibition proceeds.

This is a call to reach out. Send your letter to your elected officials today. Tell ten voting family members to do the same.

Take our country back! Refuse to vote for or support this travesty. You have the power in this country. Use it!

Below you will find a sample of a form letter you can use, or feel free to use your own words.

Please make at least six copies of your form letter before you address it so you can send your letter to:

  • The United States President
  • The United States Vice-President
  • Your United States Senators
  • Your United States Representative
  • Your State Representative

Stuff and mail your envelopes.

You can make a difference. Your children's education, lives and freedoms depend on it!


Dear _________________________,

We are confronted with effects worse than terrorism instituted by our reluctance to admit that the current policy of the Drug War has failed.

Our Constitutional rights are under attack by futile efforts to legislate human behavior. This prohibition has mirrored the alcohol prohibition of 1911-1933, which only incited the deterioration of our society due to massive black market profits. Drug War madness affects all aspects of our lives.

I, as a voting, taxpaying citizen of this once great nation, can no longer sit by and vote in good conscience for an elected official that supports this Drug War. I am writing to inform you that if you continue to support prohibition and subject our children to the lure of black market money, I will withdraw my vote and cast it for an independent party who will not support this travesty.

Sincerely, ___________________________

To write your Senator:

The Honorable __________________
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

To write your Representative:

The Honorable __________________
U. S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20510

To write the President:

President Bill Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20515

To write the Vice-President:

Vice-President Al Gore
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20515

For more information on writing to your elected officials, visit Vote Smart.

Working to end drug war injustice

Meet the People Behind The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

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