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Ethnic Cleansing: America calls it 'The War On Drugs'

By Jerrold R. Morris, Prisoner of the Drug War

Regardless of what you call it, a war on your own people can never be won. Therefore, I commend NATO's effort to save the Ethnic Albanians, but who's going to save us? I fully support NATO's intervention in Yugoslavia but please tell me when will someone intervene in the United States' 'Ethnic Cleansing' better known as the 'War on Drugs.'

Black people are being destroyed by this war and yet no one seems to notice. Could someone please tell me how it's possible that in a nation where 80% of the drug users are white, 60% of the people in prison for drugs are Black, and those not in prison are on probation, parole or awaiting sentencing? As a proud American I would gladly defend justice and fight the Serbs, Arabs, Russians or Chinese, but once back home, I'm an enemy with no allies. Some would say how could you defend such a nation or call yourself a proud American? I don't defend what America is but instead what America symbolizes. I support and defend the Bill of Rights and what it stands for, not the evil men who stand behind the Constitution with an alternate agenda that includes Ethnic Cleansing. Our lawmakers were chosen by the people to uphold and defend the Constitution, but instead they either bend, amend or ignore it. They advocate the death penalty for non-violent cases but sing a different song once their daughter or son is arrested. Still the question persists: "Why defend a nation that not only harbors such individuals, but puts them in office?"

I guess I, too, have a dream, and I choose to be optimistic, hoping that one day our nation will fulfill the promises made by the Constitution. This same dream killed our brothers Martin and Malcolm but I still choose to dream it, for like the Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo I have nowhere to go. My ancestors come from Africa; I can't return to a place I've never been. And furthermore, why should I capitulate? This country was built with the blood, sweat, and tears of my people, and I deserve to be here, and refuse to leave. So what's the simplest answer to the question "Why defend and support such a nation?"

I simply have no choice. I can only hope and pray that I survive this war, and live to see a stronger America.

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