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The Internet and the War on Drugs

Drug War on the Web

The White House and members of Congress have introduced two new web sites where parents and children can find information on fighting drugs. "We must ensure that this medium of distributing information works for us and not against us," said Rep. Jim Kolbe, Arizona Republican. Translation: the reform movement has made much better use of the Internet in spreading reasonable drug policy alternatives, so the government seeks to retaliate with the same old drug war rhetoric.

Internet drug stores, in what promise to be a lucrative and highly competitive market, has come online as the first major cyberspace pharmacy. will offer not only prescription drugs but also most of what consumers would find in a Walgreen or Rite Aid: over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, vitamins, toothpaste and shampoo, all delivered to your door. The pharmaceutical industry market, worth $110 billion a year in prescription drugs alone, is larger than the sales of books, CDs and videos combined.

Policing the "Superhighway"

The Illinois House of Representatives has unanimously approved legislation that would impose criminal penalties on those who transmit information pertaining to marijuana on the Internet.

House Bill 792, introduced by Rep. Gerald Mitchell (R-Rock Falls), seeks to make the transmission of "information about cannabis by the Internet" a Class A misdemeanor if the provider is aware the information could be used for an illegal activity.

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