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To take His name in vain

By Tom Murlowski, Associate Director, November Coalition

It is clear we have reached a point where the wagers of the War on Drugs maintain a morally indefensible position. Decades of research and studies have confirmed that America's longest war is far more destructive to our society than drugs themselves could ever be, yet they jealously cling to a tragically failed social policy. When confronted with the light of day, the nation's drug warriors inevitably retreat into the shadows of meaningless, hateful rhetoric and self-righteousness. In the final analysis, they simply legislate against that which they find personally offensive, and let the facts be damned, not to mention the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and most law books. How did we allow these cruel tyrants to gain control of our government?

Nora's four year old grandson, James gave me a nice present over the holidays. It is a little key chain the little guy had made for me himself, and I take it every where I go. It has four simple letters on it: W.W.J.D.? They stand for "What Would Jesus Do?"

Those four words speak volumes about the fundamental nature of morality and Christianity in our society. While I can't pretend to be a church-going man, it's certain that the basis of my philosophy and feelings is molded from the lessons of Jesus.

The most virulent and potent supporters of the war on drugs would tell you they follow Christ's teachings. Gingrich, Hatch, Helms, McCollum, Barr, Lott, Gramm, Robertson, even Clinton and Gore; all claim regular church attendance and pious unswerving faith in the Jesus of the New Testament.

The question on that key chain brings me to a question of my own. How can a person attend services that espouse the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and then go before Congress and push some of the most hateful, mean-spirited, racist, and cruel laws ever visited on the American people?

With virtually the stroke of a pen, these drug warriors have condemned hundreds of thousands of nonviolent American citizens to our nation's gulags for ever more draconian sentences, under ever more barbaric conditions. They are robbing our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, moms and dads of decades of life, just to enforce their own twisted version of Christian morality. In my view, this makes them cold, hypocritical, self-serving demagogues. If Christ stood for anything, it was tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and love of your fellow man.

Concerning the War on Drugs (really a War on the American People, of course), let us ask ourselves this simple question:

"What Would Jesus Do?"

Jesus would seek to heal instead of destroy. Jesus would promote peace instead of war. Jesus would teach forgiveness instead of punishment, and tolerance instead of hate. Compassion and moderation were the lessons of the Bible, not 'zero tolerance' and 'drug free'.

Far too many who claim the teachings of Jesus foment fear and intolerance instead. At its most basic, the word 'Christian' simply means 'Christ-like'. Let us vow to embrace these universal lessons of love and compassion with renewed vigor.

It is so important, I believe, for real, loving, grassroots Christians to seize this message, and hold our elected leaders and clergy responsible for the fear and hate they spread. The next time you see someone of professed Christian faith get on TV, and say something like, "Lock 'em up and throw away the key!", ask yourself this simple four word question:

"What Would Jesus Do?"

"Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming 'I am he', and 'The time is near'. Do not follow them."

-Jesus of Nazareth; Luke 21:8

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