What Does "November" Mean in The November Coalition?

We are often asked why we chose the name November for our coalition. It is a double entendre of sorts. November is the time when the citizens of this country vote. It is only through votes or bullets that this kind of government was designed to be changed, and we favor the former method over the latter.

Secondly, November is the threshold of winter when the long, cold lock of the dead season grips the land. The United States faces such a season; indeed, we believe it is far advanced. When the repressive force of laws chill the warmth of freedom, a wintery pall is cast over all our lives.

It is November, friends, and daily we drift into the National Police State, blithely surrendering civil rights that were won for us at such great cost. This is scarcely hyperbole, nor is it our esoteric version of Chicken Little with the sky about to fall.

All you have to do is look at what the Supreme Court of the United States has done to the BIll of Rights in this alarming autumn of our existence, all in the name of a contrived and unfeasible war on drugs. The Fourth Amendment has ceased to exist for all intents and purposes. The Fifth and Sixth Amendment right to due process is a fond memory and the Eighth Amendment's proscription on cruel and unusual punishment has been waived long since.

There is, however, a choice to be made and time to make it; for unlike the inexorable change of the seasons, we as a people can stop the insidious undermining of the Constitution and its protections. But it takes recognition of the danger and the impetus to do something about it. It is done through awareness and the vote, hence the name. This is what the November Coalition is all about.