"Research help needed"

Idaho prisons (I.D.O.C.) have not had any law libraries for over one year now, and all that is available to the inmate are state codes and some self help litigation manuals. There are no case cites, shepards reporters, or any other research or major Horn books available. Also the paralegal here may only assist on the first initial filing of certain pre-designated items determined by the state attorney generals office, and the paralegals are presumed to be indirectly working with the Attorney General's Office.

I have for many years researched and assisted many inmates on different issues. Now, with no law library I am almost at a standstill, as my resources from the other side of the fence are almost depleted.

I request help from other inmates to help inmates, or even the general public and attorneys to help in our demise.

All that I request are persons willing to send me case cites, or Shepardize cases for me. We all need to stand together in this battle against the legal system and prisons.

I.D.O.C. inmates are not allowed any inmate to inmate correspondence; so all letters should be sent to: Byron Strolberg, RESEARCH, 221 Fruitland Ave., Buhl, Idaho 83316.

If any inmate has questions for anything that I may have already researched, also send your questions to this address, as I would be glad to help where I can.

Respectfully, Paul Strolberg 32234