Fairbanks, Alaska

Public demonstration downtown Cushman bridge under the local newspaper webcam. (Many friends joined us after seeing us on the Internet) Alaska Native leader Percy Herbert held the sign 'Alaska Jails, Half Native' (but only 16% of general population). Many Native Alaskans are totally lost in the 'legal' system. The Fairbanks Daily NewsMiner interviewed us as we waved signs and gathered signatures on Marijuana Medicalization.

The University of Alaska vigil was preceded by posters and printouts of November Coalition web pages. The vigil focused on the Fort Greely military base conversion into a prison, exporting Alaska prisoners to Arizona, and on the 2 marijuana initiatives (one on the ballot this november) and a well written Drug Abuse Medicalization petition we are still gathering signatures for. Public opinion messages were sent to Alaska legislators on prison costs. November posters were placed on bulletin boards around town. There were radio talk show call in about the Vigils, and we did a presentation to the Borough Assembly. I am continuing to work on petitions and my web page, and I will be addressing these issues in my campaign for local office this October.

Dae Miles http://www.alaskadae.com