Awesome Austin Action

Hi There Vigilizers,

Here's a report on our actions here. We held a press conference on the capitol steps at 12 noon. One of our State Representatives, Elliot Naistat, led off, followed by several other very well spoken people. We heard someone from Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), a prison reform group, followed by a criminal defense attorney who works as a law professor, and then a University of Texas professor of anthropology and leader of the Texas Civil Rights Project, and others.

One TV channel covered it very well, and there was an Associated Press reporter present as well as independent press. Our daily newspaper didn't show.

Later in the day we held the vigil in front of good ol G. Dubya Bush's mansion. About twenty people showed up, and a couple more TV channels using good video shots and an interview with Sebastian of the Texas Hemp Campaign reported on our efforts.

Upon reflection, I think we may have diffused the event by scheduling two separate ones, but yet I knew our Representative and some of the others wouldn't have come to the vigil. So I'm still trying to figure out that strategy.

Next plan is to try and get an editorial into our daily newspaper, The American Statesman.
Thanks for all your support.

Karen Heikkala - Drug Policy Forum of Texas (Austin) & Vigil Co-ordinator