El Paso Protests
Drug War

Congratulations and thanks to everyone! The El Paso area is a front line of the drug war. The continued escalation of this senseless war and opportunistic pursuit of federal money and jobs results in keeping people on the sidelines waiting to see what will happen next.

I set up my table on February 15th to offer Razor Wire newspapers, brochures and flyers. The banner which reads 'There is No Justice On the War on Drugs' was displayed prominently as we pulled out our posters which included those saying, "2,000,000's too many for U.S." and "Build Schools Not Jails".

We 'vigilized' in front of the county courthouse, across the street from the federal courthouse and the county jail. I had one helper, Frank, who was a Godsend! He's very active for the handicapped folks. Despite his own blindness, he chanted and held posters for the hour and one half.

Mark Balsiger stopped by to hand out information on Amy. One other friend, Duncan, stopped by to take pictures. We may have distributed about thirty 'Razor Wires', but most folks just kept on walking, sometimes making a huge circle to avoid us. All was definitely not lost however.

During the time I faxed or emailed all TV, newspaper and radio businesses in El Paso, I also stopped by many local 'watering holes' with loads of literature. I'm sure I made a good impression on the news-producer for local NBC News, Channel 9.

The day after the vigil I was interviewed 'live' on 'News at Noon' and then taped another interview to air on the evening news. They seem to be very excited to find someone who will speak out for the "other" side. I think we may have broken the ice!

In Hope,

Deitra Lied, TNC Regional Leader