Vigilizers Gather At
Starke Prison

Hi folks. The weather for our vigil was sunny with 'highs' in the 70s cooled by a brisk wind. We brought props: four individuals dressed as chain-gain prisoners and a Keystone Kop. We also had November Coalition signs and banners, a Human Rights '95 display and crime-scene tape.

These media outlets reported on Florida's Starke prison vigil:

WSKY SkyRadio, Gainesville/Ocala, Classic 89 FM Radio, Gainesville Public Radio, TV 20, ABC Affiliate, Gainesville, Channel 2, NBC Affiliate, Orlando, Bradford Telegraph, Bradford County Newspaper, Request for interview on the Vigil: Rush Limbaugh warm up hour on WTAL in Tallahassee with Host Marshall Baldwin.

Kay Lee, Vigil Leader & Journey for Justice