Eddyville, Kentucky

Our gathering yesterday was small (about 15 or so) in Eddyville. This is a rural community and we didn't expect a big turnout. And, we certainly were not disappointed in any way...we had "Good Spirit"!!!

Gatewood Galbraith was there, holding signs with the rest of us! And, it's good that he was there...as there was A LOT of police presence. There were 2 city cops (1 off duty), the sheriff, the county attorney and a guard from the prison on the scene. They didn't hassle us & were friendly enough...but patrolled us OFTEN!

We had many people stop & get informed, made a couple of great contacts, had a lot of honking & waving, etc.

As we live in a rural area, we incorporated the following "grassroots" efforts to advertise the vigil. I think it would work even better in larger towns & cities.

We printed a copy of the vigil information, got copies on neon paper at Pip -or whatever- & posted them at every pubic bulletin board around. Nearly every grocery, hardware store, Dairy Queen, etc. have them. And, yes, people do read them! he he

If there is someone in the group with the talents in that area, we could design a uniform poster. If you could provide 1 copy to each group...and we can run off our own. It's not very expensive & it's effective.

Also, some FM morning talk shows are pretty progressive. If we could arrange for them to have a "call in" show on the subject prior to the event. Many cable companies offer reduced prices or free public service announcements. And, don't overlook ANY small publication... ie:Thrifty Nickel, Penny Saver, etc.

The only thing that I felt like was a BIG deterrent at our vigil...was the heavy police presence. I think they scared people & kept them away. Which was, obviously, their intent. Luckily, the TV crew was on the scene & we made the 6:00 & 10:00 news, anyway!

Yours in liberty, Cher & Paula