Phoenix Rose To The Occasion

Glad to hear everyone's vigil went well. We had a small turnout here in Arizona. Most of the people who live in Phoenix didn't even know that we were in front of a prison for women. Many thanks to Kat Gallant with the Libertarian party who came down and helped out. We got no newspaper or TV coverage, a big disappointment. I did, however, get invited to be on local talk radio (KFYI) with Jim Sharpe.

I was able to give a copy of The Razor Wire to Attorney General Grant Woods right after he finished his radio show. The 'Uncle Sam' posters were a big hit. Since it was a busy corner, we got lots of vehicles slowing down, honking, drivers cheering. I had a big backboard on which I put the prisoners' profiles.

A local police detective, Tom, stayed to watch over us the whole time; he listened and took literature. A large response came from people when we unfurled our banner There is no justice in the war on drugs. The very best reaction occurred when prison vans loaded with female prisoners came driving through. The prisoners all cheered with thumbs up and 'right ons' shouted. So, even though there was no media coverage, I am anxious for our next vigil.

I'm open to any suggestions on how to improve our vigil and how I can reach more people.

Marcella Perrine, TNC Regional & Vigil Leader