A "Positive Corner" in San Francisco

San Francisco's skies opened up and poured down in a very rainy week for our vigil. About 25-30 people showed up. At one point Patty had us line up with each person holding a letter spelling out "NO MORE DRUG WAR". This got the most attention, and we chanted that slogan as well as "Two Million, Too Many." It was a "photo op" for the Spanish TV station that showed up.

Michael Shellenberger of Communication Works arrived just in time to be interviewed in Spanish; the reporter also wanted to talk with someone who had a family member in prison. Additionally, an intern from a local public radio station did some interviews. The San Francisco Chomicle, a parody of the Chronicle that appears occasionally and mysteriously, ran the '2 million story' as their headline!

It's always great to get out and meet the people, instead of just talking with each other on email! We got a good reception on the busy corner. One law student and an art student volunteered on the spot to "hold a prisoner", as Patty calls it (stand with the laminate of a prison and their story in front of you). People really noticed the Drug War victims and their stories, saying stuff like, "He got 20 years? He looks like someone from my family."

Lots of folks asked how they could 'plug in' to our efforts, and of course there's lots to tell them all at once - take this flyer, the rest of this info, sign our mailing list, educate your friends and family, vote. As always, just about every person of color stopped. One guy said, "This is the first positive thing I've seen at this corner."

-Ellen Komp , Lindesmith Center West & Vigil Coordinator