Big Score in Vegas

You guys, I'm so stoked. We started out at 6 p.m., and right away the people from CURE of southern Nevada, FIP (Friends of Incarcerated People), and a couple other prison reform groups were there. They had all their literature, and so with all our material we had quite a lot to hand out.

People visiting someone in jail had to walk right through us, and we distributed all the literature we had and received, in return, hearty support!

I was nervous when six or seven police officers came over looking none-too-happy, but since it was all positive and truthful information, they just looked at the display and left. I asked them if they wanted any literature, but they declined. I wonder if they know that some of their co-workers weren't so apathetic!

I made a lot of contacts with other organizations that are very excited about working with us in the future. I'm honored to have been a part of something so wonderful, and I really feel like we can get this done. BRAVO, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

I'll sleep well tonight, and count me in again next time for a coordinated national vigil.

Debbie Dedmon, TNC Regional Leader