In Loving Memory . . .

Larry Bolain, prisoner of the drug war, died in federal custody on November 23, 1999. Larry was one of our original members, and we were told that he died alone in his prison cell.

His wife wrote to notify us, saying, "He had been sick for sometime with Hepatitis C and told about a year ago that he only had about a 40% chance of making it through the year unless he could get a liver transplant and proper medical care. Larry and his attorney had been trying to get a compassionate release or a new sentencing hearing, and his sister was willing to donate half of her liver.

"I can not understand the thinking of a society that keeps terminally ill nonviolent people locked up. I relive the loss over and over again. He was my best friend-I miss him.

"Larry wanted me to write something for the November Coalition for some time. It was something he thought we could contribute to together from both sides of the wire. You had published some of his writing in past issues. I regret now that I am writing his obituary/eulogy/letter to someone I don't even know.

Larry and I shared so much, the good and the bad. I'm lucky to have found in my life the kind of love we shared, the kind of love that many never find.

My Outlaw rests finally in the arms of an angel until we meet again. You always promised time and time again that you would beat them out of their 20 years, and you finally did. Through all time and beyond.

Sherri McEwen Bolaine