Federal Prison Guidebook

"With solid, reliable, and up-to-date information the Guidebook makes it unnecessary to rely on rumor, innuendo and gossip when evaluating BOP facilities. As the only book of its type, the Guidebook provides a unique and invaluable resource." -Paul Wright (Editor, Prison Legal News)

The updated and expanded 2000 Edition of the Federal Prison Guidebook can now be purchased online.

The Federal Prison Guidebook contains comprehensive descriptions of every federal prison facility in the United States. The 350-page volume includes information on boot camps, drug programs, education, vocational training, apprenticeship programs, UNICOR, counseling, rehabilitation, health and religious services, libraries, smoking, commissary, fitness and recreation opportunities, telephones and inmate mail.

The 2000 Edition also features practice tips, nearby lodging accommodations and an analysis of the BOP's new Security Designation and Custody Classification Manual.

The cost of the Guidebook is: $49.95/ea for fewer than ten copies; $39.95/ea for ten or more copies. Inmates and their families can purchase the guidebook for $19.95. www.alanellis.com