Drug Reform Initiative
Campaigns for the 2000 Election

ALASKA: "99 Hemp - An Act To Relegalize Hemp"
Marijuana Legalization & Regulation
Status: Qualified for ballot with 40,234 signatures turned in, nearly double the required number .
Contact: Free Hemp In Alaska
2607 Spenard Road · Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: 907-278-HEMP · Fax: 277-HEMP
Imfree2b3a@aol.com · www.freehempinak.org

ARIZONA: "DrugMedicalization, Prevention, and Control Act of 2000"
Decriminalization of marijuana, sentencing reform, asset forfeiture reform, establishment of medical distribution network through Attorney General's office.
Status: Certified for circulation; 100,000 signatures received (as of 3/23/00) of 100,000 needed by July. Currently working on cushion signatures to make sure enough valid ones are submitted.
Contact: The People Have Spoken
P.O. Box 34506 · Phoenix, AZ 85067
Phone: 602-222-6639

ARKANSAS: The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act
Patients allowed to grow and possess marijuana for medical use (up to 6 lbs. a year)
Sponsor: Glen Schwarz of Arkansas NORML
67 South Wakefield · Little Rock, AR 72209
Phone: 501-568-1598
Status: Ballot title approved by Attorney General Pryor; needs 58,481 signatures by July.

CALIFORNIA: "Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000"
CA drug offenders would get treatment, not prison time, for 1st and 2nd time drug offenses
Status: Signatures being gathered
Sponsor/Contact: Campaign for New Drug Policies
1250 6th Street #202 · Santa Monica, CA 90401
.Phone: 310-394-2952

COLORADO: "Initiative 19"
Legalizes the use and possession of marijuana for medical purposes.
Status: In 1998 the Secretary of State ruled the initiative had failed for lack of required signatures. Exit poll surveys indicated that it would have passed 60-40%. Disqualification was later overturned by higher court and the initiative was qualified for the Nov. 2000 ballot.
Sponsor/Contact: Coloradans for Medical Rights
Luther Symons
1776 Lincoln Street, Suite 1318 · Denver, CO 80203
Fax: 303-832-2555 · Phone: 303-832-2444

FLORIDA: An Initiative for Freedom to Use Medicinal Marijuana for Specific Certified Medical Purposes"
Status: Certified for circulation by Secretary of State; 43,385 signatures needed for Phase 1. Then text goes to Florida Supreme Court for approval, after which 435,000 signatures are needed by 7/7 for the 2000 election or July of 2002 for the 2002 election (have 4 years to get an initiative on the ballot). Won't make 2000 ballot due to insufficient funding and time. Two independent polls indicated 63% support.
Contact: Floridians for Medical Rights
P.O. Box 290054 · Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33329-0054
Phone: 954-763-1799

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
Treatment Instead of Incarceration
Seeks to reform civil asset forfeiture laws by requiring that forfeited property be sold and the proceeds deposited in a newly created Drug Treatment Trust Fund. Provides for drug treatment diversion for low level, first-and second-time drug offenders
Status: Sufficient signatures turned in to qualify the initiative for the November 2000 ballot. Signatures to be reviewed by state legislature by beginning of May.
Contact: The Committee for Forfeiture Reform
Thomas R. Kiley, Rob Stewart,
P.O. Box 1555 · Boston, MA 02104
Phone: 617-439-7775 · Fax: 617-330-8774

MICHIGAN: "Personal Responsibility Amendment (PRA 2000)"
Proposed amendment to the state constitution would legalize recreational and medical use (up to 3 plants & 3 ounces).
Status: Need 302,711 signatures by 7/10/00 to be placed on November ballot
Sponsor: Greg Schmid
Personal Responsibility Amendment 2000 Committee
5065 State, PMB 350 · Saginaw, MI 48603
Phone: 517-799-4641 · www.ballot2000.net

NEVADA: "Question 9"
Proposal to amend the Nevada constitution to allow possession and use of marijuana for treatment of certain illnesses upon physician's recommendation.
Status: Qualified for ballot
The proposal was approved in 1998 by a vote of 59-41%, but must be approved in consecutive elections before becoming law. Qualified for the Nov. 2000 ballot.
Nevadans for Medical Rights
Dan Hart, campaign manager
1412 S. Jones Blvd. · Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702-259-0300 · Fax: 702-259-7708

OREGON: "Repeal Measure 11"
To repeal harsh mandatory sentencing for youth
Status: Turned in 99,692 signatures on April 27th, 50% more than needed to place on November 2000 ballot
Contact: Cathi Lawler
Citizens to Reform Measure 11/2000
Phone: (503) 491-0611
Email: clawler@easystreet.com

Oregon Property Protection Act of 2000
Civil asset forfeiture reform, including the following major tenets: no forfeitures absent of conviction of crime; forfeitures must be proportional to crime; proceeds go to treatment programs. Status: Certified for circulation; needs 100,000 signatures by 7/7/00.
Contact: Geoff Sugerman · geoff-sugs@msn.com

UTAH: Utah Property Protection Act
Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
Seeks to implement uniform procedures for all civil and criminal forfeitures, including a variety of due process protections for property owners.
Status: Certified for circulation
Contact: Utahns for Property Protection
Janet Johnson
175 South West Temple 7th Fl
Salt Lake City, UT 84145
Phone: 801-532-7300 · Fax: 801-532-7355

WASHINGTON: "Initiative 739"
Provides better alternatives to incarceration strategy
Status: Signatures being gathered
Contact : Robert Lunday
Reasonable People's Campaign
313 Minor Ave · Seattle, WA 98109-5437
Phone: 206 417-5088 · Fax: 206 417-5097
Email: info@reasonablepeople.org · www.reasonablepeople.org