Get Five Petition Drive:

Jubilee Justice 2000 Campaign - Phase Two

Or "Why did I get a copy of this paper?"

Some who will read our paper this issue have received it after signing one of the thousands upon thousands of Jubilee Justice 2000 Petitions that are circulating the country. Last issue, prisoners of the drug war were asked to mail this petition to a loved one, appealing to them to have five friends or acquaintances read and sign it. Just five, not an overwhelming number; it's the "Get Five Petition Drive".

If you signed such a petition, we have sent you a complimentary copy of our newspaper and opportunity to take the inserted petition to five of your friends and family and ask them to sign the petition as well. When you are finished, please mail them to the address on the bottom of the petition.

For those of you who sent us completed Jubilee Justice Petitions, you will quickly notice that there is yet another petition inserted into this paper. We are asking for you to gather 5 more signatures this 2-month period and please send us completed petitions as soon as you have them in hand. About 75% of our mail volume are petitions these days - and that's a bundle indeed! You are to be congratulated!

In October, some members of the November Coalition will be in Washington, DC to attend the Institute of Policy Studies annual awards ceremony. The November Coalition has been chosen to be the recipient of a Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights award (see notification letter on page 4). IPS will help arrange meetings, press interviews and assist in highlighting our Jubilee Justice Campaign. We plan on delivering signed Jubilee Justice Petitions to President William Jefferson Clinton before the awards ceremony in October. How many we deliver is now in your hands.

In brief summary, phase 2 of the Get Five Petition Drive, will fulfill five functions:

1) Enable us to show support for drug war prisoner release - It's easy - five signatures. Read the explanation beside this article very carefully and write your friends and family asking them to join the campaign by gathering five signatures. Various formats are available on the internet at ( for immediate download. Many volunteers are taking petitions to community events, having people sign them in support - right on the spot.

2) Ask of a specific leader a specific request - The President has the power to grant this request. Sure, there might be some complicated details, but surely no more complicated than what our federal leaders face now - how to build more prisons fast enough in the face of mounting public outcry. It is a good time to make a formal request for release.

3) Educate those who read this petition - We intend to provide the Razor Wire to all who sign these petitions. Each issue is usually a good source of basic information about the folly of the drug war.

4) Identify new supporters - There are a lot of people paying close attention to the barrage of drug war critics in the press and on television. Many would actively oppose the laws if they knew there were organizations they could work with. We know that many a malcontent is wondering just what to do. You can download a petition at

5) Target specific constituencies building a broader coalition-In greater numbers, the clergy are learning more about the issues of drug war injustice and are willing to speak to their congregations. This is a perfect opportunity for your family members and friends to make an appointment with their religious leaders and discuss this issue, urging them to speak about excessive imprisonment in their public discourses; write about it when they have the opportunity. We hope to expand our drug war vigils nationwide; in order to do this we must expand our membership and target specific potential supporters. The petition can be used to identify and persuade people interested in responsible civics, good government and the community of citizens concerned about problems of criminal justice.

Our members should find this project of ease and interest. Next issue you will be given more opportunity to participate in a brand new phase of this project. Help us with phase two today! Tell your loved ones to access the internet at: for updated information. The campaign is well underway.

* Artists! Please send submissions for envelope art that reflect the sentiment of our Jubilee Justice 2000 Campaign. Please enclose inside the envelope. We would like to have a suitable illustration for use on the back of a #10 envelope (9 1/2 x 4).

Download a PDF copy (Adobe Acrobat) of the Jubilee Justice Petition to President William Jefferson Clinton here

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