Journey for Justice in Texas

Week long march calls for cease-fire in the war on drugs

The Journey made presidential style whistlestops, beginning in Houston en-route to the Capitol in Austin. Costumed "prisoners" and "police", and wheelchair-bound medical marijuana patients dramatized the tragic injustice of the war on drugs. The Journey highlighted the overwhelming incarceration rate of nonviolent people, police and prison guard abuses in the name of the drug war, and the need for medical marijuana for the ill.

"The Journey is occuring in Texas because Texas highlights what is wrong with US drug policy," noted Kevin Zeese, President of Common Sense for Drug Policy. "The state recently became the nation's incarceration leader and 21% of the Texas prison inmates are nonviolent drug offenders."

The Journey encourages everyone to ask tough questions of all the candidates on Drug Policy issues. "While public officials admit to and the media jokes about 'youthful indiscretions', thousands of Americans who are now imprisoned have lost property, the right to vote and have been fired from their jobs." said Journey Director Kay Lee. "The Drug War has damaged and destroyed millions of Americans, the credibility of our representatives, and the future of our children."

Organizational friends of the journey were, Common Sense for Drug Policy, Drug Policy Forum of Texax, Media Awareness Project, November Coalition, Lindesmith-Drug Policy Foundation, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws [NORMl], AZ 4 NORML, Houston NORML, Texas NORML, Atlanta CAMP, FL CAN, Kentucky CAN, Making The Walls Transparent [Florida Prisoners], Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana (CAMM)



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