Letters of Hope:
Dear President Clinton

I was arrested on Feb. 27, 1999 and was caught with 74 pounds of marijuana. I am not a violent person. I'm a widow with 3 children and my mother is taking care of them since I was arrested. I would like to stay in the states after my release from prison. I have no family on the other side of the border. This is my first offense, and I regret being here because it's a loss of time. I was a legal alien since 1984 and have all my family here in the states.
Thank you for your time
Edmundo Vasquez

I am writing in concern for my son, Mundo Vasquez. He will be deported on his out date after his sentence is done. I am asking you to help me in any way so Mundo can remain in the United States. The children need their father. Mundo's wife has passed away and they don't have anybody else but me, the grandparent, and I'm already 72 years old and need help. I please beg you to let my (son) Mundo Vasquez stay here in the U.S. so he can work and support his three kids. The youngest one needs to be seen by the doctor weekly because of his sickness. I please ask you to give him one more chance. Thank you for your time
Faustina Vasquez

I am 12 years old and my name is Guadalupe Vasquez. I have two brothers, Mundo Vasquez and Gerardo Vasquez. I am writing you because I know that my father will be out of jail soon. And he will be deported. I would like for my father to remain here in the United States with us. I know that my father did something wrong and is paying for it, but I think that we all make mistakes in this world. But we also learn from them. I beg you to give my father another chance and let him be with us once more. My mother passed away in 1997 and we don't have anybody else but my dad. My brothers and I miss our father very much. I would ask my brothers to write a letter too, but they are still too small, so that's why I'm writing this letter. I beg you, please let my father stay here in the United States. Please give him one more chance.
Thank you,
Guadalupe Vasquez

Rudy Jr., Emily & Mason Godzak

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