"The Wall"

What we need for your participation

By Nora Callahan, Executive Director

When internet visitors go to www.november.org they see an invitation to visit "The Wall". From an indexed section, or random stories of drug war prisoners, visitors follow "links" that take them to story after story of drug war abuse. The 'Wall' is a key component of our website and one of the most important projects that our prisoner membership can participate in. It is this portion of our website that attracts media and holds the attention of the general public.

In October of 1999 the Comstock Chronicle editor wrote of this section of our website: "Regas' story - and that of many others convicted under dubious circumstances by criminal informants operating under the constitutionally dubious conspiracy and drug laws - is on a website that readers might like to check out. The address is http://www.november.org/wall.html . . . the underlying theme of misconduct by federal authorities comes through loud and clear."

This is just one example of how 'The Wall' affects news editors around the country and one that I had handy reference to to back up my claim. In Mail Call we have shared the reactions the general public has to our website.

If you would like your story on The Wall, please send it to us (2 pages or less), along with a presentencing investigation report (PSI) and photo. We like to use family visitation photos if you have one, but we realize that many prisoners never receive visits. In this case, a photo of you or you and some friends is fine. If you have a photograph of your children ­ send that along, with the children's caretaker's name, address and relationship.

We prefer to keep photos because we use them in other publications and on demonstration posters, but if you need your photo back, we can save a scan and return it to you. You must tell us that you want your photo back if you expect to get it back, please give us a couple of months to finish our work with it.
We will compile your story, verify it with your PSI and send you what we intend to publish and a release and questionnaire for you to complete, sign and return. Your PSI will remain in our files and is confidential. We do not release the information in your PSI.

If you would like your address published on your webpage, we can do that. It is up to you to make sure that we have your change of address and must ask in writing for us to update the address on your webpage.

What do we charge for this? We charge you with the task of getting us all of the documents that we request ­ which is: your story in your own words (no more than 2 pages please!), your PSI and a photo. It is not necessary for you to list the "rats" and "snitches" ­ we won't name them on the website for obvious reasons and lastly, we charge you to be truthful. Give us just the facts of your case. Many examples of how a story can be told are shared each issue of The Razor Wire. We hope to share yours at www.november.org and within the pages of the Razor Wire soon!

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