Seattle Christmas Vigil

By TNC Vigil Leader, Kevin Black

On Monday, December 25th, two dozen people gathered in front of the King County Detention Center for a drug war vigil. Christmas Day was chosen because it's one of the worst days of the year to be separated from family and friends. We want our families behind bars to always know that we will support and fight for them, no matter the day.

We were treated to an overcast, but warm day (for December), and didn't get the forcasted rain. A large foldout table and a large standup display featuring P.O.W.'s on the table, as well as a laminate of Kemba Smith with the addition of these new words; "Granted Clemency, 12-22-00- We Can Win!!!" This was my personal favorite part of the display.

Three local television stations sent down representatives to cover the vigil. On the news later in the day, I saw the aforementioned display-which means that thousands of others in the Puget Sound Region did as well. Zrealm, an internet agency which broadcasts events pertaining to the Drug War, had a representative on hand for most of the vigil talking to participants.

The highlight of the day was knowing that the prisoners were very aware we were there. We could hear them yelling to us, "Merry Christmas!" and "No More Drug War!" in response to our signs. Occasionally someone could be seen in the narrow windows waving or holding two fingers up in a "V", the universal sign of peace.

Several people drove by and honked at us while smiling. One woman went so far as to return and give us some candles. The greatest feeling on Earth has to be kindness to another; whether receiving or giving makes no difference. Hopefully one day we will find that we've won the war.

Wouldn't that be the greatest kindness ever?