Tulia Update

By Brad Carter, Friends of Justice

Here is a revised update you may share with anyone. I tend to forget that some of my comments end up on the web and in print, and I want to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. Sometimes, however, things get out of control anyway. Kay Lee heard from someone else that I was born in Tulia and hold a doctorate in sociology. As a result, this misinformation is posted on the web.

The truth is that my mother and many of the cofounders of the Friends of Justice were born and raised in Tulia. I was there for only 3-4 years during my youth. It is true that I teach sociology at Texas Tech, but I hold only a Master's degree.

I am an "acting committee" of one for fundraising and publicity. Alan Bean (nandabn@flash.net) is "acting co-chair" and takes care of day-to-day business along with the treasurer and benevolence committee. He and his wife, Nancy, keep the membership and cyber-friends informed. More information such as mailing address is located on the website, addresses below. In the near future I want to add links to you and our other friends there.

We are nearly finished with applications for becoming a nonprofit corporation and beginning to make some headway in Tulia. One of the defendants of the drug sting has received apologies from some Tulia citizens since the 20/20 (television) story broke. We still have lots of enemies though.

Our concert in Lubbock was a big success. We attracted a near full house and raised about $800.00. Alan Bean and I performed for about an hour or so, then the kids (mostly drug sting orphans) joined us for several more songs under the direction of Nancy Bean. They love to sing This Land is Your Land. More than one might suspect, even the young ones understand what is at stake here.

We have raised considerable money to help the sting orphans with winter coats, gloves and clothing. We hope to have a little left for Santa Claus. We are also involved in community building and have established a small legal defense fund (unrelated to the drug sting). We are currently funding the appeal of a trumped-up manslaughter charge against a black man. The lawyer seems confident.

We thank you for joining forces with us to help raise awareness about the ethnic cleansing in Tulia. Because of the efforts of November Coalition and other organizations, the walls will one-day come tumbling down, and all of our drug war prisoners will come home.

We are receiving numerous letters from our friends in prison. I will be publishing some of them on the FOJ web in the near future. Together we have raised many hopes, and I am confident it helps prisoners to know that a growing number of people care about them and their circumstances. Keep the faith. Justice will prevail.

See www.drugsense.org/foj or www.door.net/yellowhousemusic for more on this vital matter. To reach Brad Carter by email: Brad Carter Bradcarter@door.net.