There's something fishy about the war on drugs:


The November Coalition incorporates creative means and methods to promote Drug War awareness and action even as mass incarceration, due mostly to unjust drug sentences, continues to separate and destroy millions of families each year. Our loved ones are not sardines - they are people; our sons and daughters, our fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, and it is time, past time, for a tide of change and a sea of drug law reform.

All too often the nets of injustice snare low-level players in so-called drug conspiracies, giving small fry the "big fish" time. Want off the hook? Turn in your mother, or "roll over" on a friend.

Our leaders must soon face it; these drug war tactics stink! Refuse to fall hook, line and sinker into the fathomless failure of our nation's war on drugs by joining our OpenTheCan Campaign today.

Mail $1 dollar for each set of labels you want. Ten labels will be sent to you for $10. You can use the order forms below; listed mailing "targets" and their addresses will be provided with your set of labels. If you are short on time, but not on money, we'll send a can and a statement to targeted leaders in your name. We have provided a coupon for such a service below.

OpenTheCan campaign labels can also be printed out from our future website that will be online next week (check back soon) Addressed, trimmed, and then taped or glued to a sardine can, these can be sent to selected leaders who will be listed on our website.

When you order labels or visit our website, you will be updated about special focuses on particular people or groups. So, get your labels today, and don't leave the grocery store from this day forward without picking up a standard-sized can of sardines. Send for your sets of labels today!