After reading your story

Dear Chris -

Having read your wonderful article in Razor Wire, "What the Bracelet Means to Me", in which you spoke so eloquently about how you began your relationship with the November Coalition, and how you came to it because a "particular" POW's story moved your heart to action, I feel much less embarassed to ask you about something that has been haunting me; Is anyone looking out for Debbie Mendes; Kay Tanner; or Melinda George?

Debbie is so beautiful - I shared her story with my neighbor, Viv, who is Debbie's age, and also of Mexican descent. She so resembles her that when I read and absorbed Debbie's story, and observed her warm, loving, friendly, and enriching smile; a smile so vibrant; healthy; joy filled and communicative, I had to find my Viv; embrace her gratefully; greedily enjoying the "freedom" to share as warm, and deep a hug as I needed; as I wanted; with such a beautiful, beautiful friend; a woman I love so much; thinking of Debbie Mendes as I wrapped my arms around her, thanking this wonderful person I have never met, for reminding me what a beautiful gift it is to be able to hug someone you love when you need to; when you want to.

Debbie's little girl sports that wonderful; shy teenage smile...Viv was upset, and shaken, when I shared Debbie's story with her, and showed her the pictures of her that appear in the book, "Shattered Lives", and guided her to Debbie's story on your wonderful web site. She hugged me right back!

I owe this stranger, this Debbie Mendes, much. I am so worried about Kay Tanner. She sounds so despairing. And what of Melinda George? Where is her champion? I want to reach through the walls and pull them out......I can not bear this. T-shirts help. I want all three on t-shirts. I'm an actor, and I promise I will wear each one to every show, and explain to everyone who asks, just who these people are, and "what they mean to me". Let none be left behind.

Sincerely, Drew